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Two books in the studio with me here. One is simply called some church as in Fort Sumpter, November 18 62 June 18 61 by George Paris. That, of course, reminds me of the Democrats because Democrats you know the South Carolina militia fired on Fort Sumpter starting the civil wars so the Democrats could keep their 3/5 of a person as slaves and The war to prevent Southern independence, also by George George Paris and those are stories of the Democrats. Those are That's really the birth of today's Democrat Party was the civil war against the United States of America and the first Republican president who had Democrat than assassinated by shooting him at the head. It was just minding his own business, watching a nice play at the Ford's Theater. But never mind all that. Uh And I tell you what, why? I said to Michael during the break and two victories that well, why did he just notified China? And why was it just China, and Michael said that we know of So what other enemies of the United States? Did he call and notify and say, Listen, I'm with you. I'm going to clue you in. I'm going to let you know this is all coming from a new book. Which boys some promotion they're getting. They're getting a lot of lot of lot of promotion for their new book. But the book is by Bob Woodward of Watergate fame. I think it's going to say that on his tombstone, it will say, uh, Bob Woodward probably won't say Robert, it will say, because that's how he's known. Bob Bennett wants to be famous. You know, postmortem as well. It will, say Bob Woodward comma of Watergate fame. That's what I'm saying is Tim Stone and another type of for the DNC by the name of Robert Costa. Robert cast a long time Washington Post reporter, and they have a new book, which is getting more promotion than ever. Any book ever. It's called Peril Peril. P R I l Uh, peril like we're in great peril because this one riot at the Capitol which went on for about two hours, and there was some people that were misbehaving and should be held accountable. Many of them are still in jail being held without bail. Some say as political prisoners given all the rioters that were just cotton released, uh, like we do along the border. At the riots in New York and Chicago and Washington, D C and the siege of the White House, which went on for days and injured more than 100 and 10 police officers the billions of dollars in damage. How many of those rioters were held in jail ad nauseam for months and months and months without bail? That was January 6th, right? It's now September 15th. Many of these people from the capital January 6th event are still in jail without bail. And tell you all the lot of the rioters that attacked police and stuff were released without bail on their own recognizance and Democrat City after Democrat City only to go out and commit more felonies. And none of that is a big deal. No book about that by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa. Fascinating because they're Democrats first last and always, that's the most important thing. I'm that's what's going on with them now. Let's say we do have a sound bite. Let's go Where we going? We have President Trump. We have a lot of good stuff on this. I, uh so the the book they've got some interesting quotes. From General Milley, and this is an important question. You remember when Alexander Vin demon who betrayed his commander in chief and stabbed him in the front and stabbed him in the sits back and stabbed him in the side wearing as U. S Army uniform. He's got his twin brother and the media loved them. They adored them. They fluffed them. And, uh, Veneman told all this terrible call he had with the Ukrainian president asking him to look into the corruption of the Biden family, which is flagrant and global. And the media was very, very upset that the president would ask the Ukrainian president, President Trump would ask the Ukrainian president about the Hey, How's that investigation going until all the corruption involving the Biden family which should be ongoing here, too? And maybe Woodward and cost a should be working on that? Because there's a lot of corruption in the Biden family, from Moscow to Kiev to Beijing and beyond. And then, of course, the art world the greatest scam in the history of scams. Isn't it amazing? But the the process turned up a transcript. You may recall of President Trump's conversation with the Ukrainian president whose name eludes me at the moment, and, um And we do we have a transcript of General Millie's call with with General Lee. All and also earlier I said Daisy Mae from the Dukes of Hazzard. I've got to admit I never actually watched the TV show The Dukes of has a few minutes, but you know, just for its Daisy Duke. It stays you do because any school child knows not Daisy Mae that's from a comic strip or something. But Daisy Duke, Catherine Bach. I think she used to live in Santa Barbara. When I lived in Santa Barbara did have a sightings every now and then, and there were noteworthy, but that's that's another discussion for another day. And yet Daisy Duke, because when General Milley calls his pal generally and China, you know this is what the phone sounds like. Sounds like Better than not done it. And I'm gonna, uh, hey, General Lee's on the phone. He's got a special ring tone for when General Lee calls It's like the hot line and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Office. Hey, there's General Lee say, That's how they know it's generally that's his his hotline with China. Apparently, he's got his own hotline, but I want to know if there's a transcript of this phone call the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and his buddy General Lee And I also want to know Michael Pearce. He raises the question. How do we know that he didn't call and we're talking about this this morning. How do we know he didn't call Putin or Putin's commanding general? Did he called Israel saying, you know? Hey, we're worried President Trump is going to nuclear ran Did that happen? Maybe he called Iran. Maybe he called the Ayatollahs. You know, I guess General Sulamani was dead by then. So he couldn't do that. Um, unless he's got a very special hotline because President Trump put a you know, A bomb up is Yang Yang very appropriately, and the Democrats were opposed to that. And Joe Biden was opposed that It's pretty much favor our enemies..

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