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Don't even know who you are. Secondly amelie what i do. 'cause i'm i'm not gonna say i'm a twitter expert but i've been kicked off twitter enough time to be a twitter experts so basically so so basically when i looked at it immediately the first thing on my mind okay first of all you a piece of shit for saying to not because not because of you haven't an opinion you didn't say it to have an opinion you said it to just be a piece of shit so as you time and post. Your picture wasn't yes he went. She went too far to get attention. She went too far to get attention. Poll sunlight and you know. It's not i look at the beach. Don't don't travel. You know right right and dug up a picture of me so that that lets you know that you was lurking but in the same is one of the things was like you see me working for real and i told him what i saw it. I was like damn saying shit. Fuck twitter. i don't matter right twitter this this. My light is one of these things. It's one of these you know. I'm a country boy. I grew up in a sticks. I'm a momma's boy. I had his love for black women not all women digital nothing. Just that's just me. I think my grandma my mom. If i said we're bittu woman in mouth so like when i saw that she motherfucking bit but then i have said should i should. I reply in the savage way. The south florida down or should i keep it professional because like when they come to twitter. I am myself i keep it professional but also trying to be relatable belie. I don't wanna snap one to lose my page in to to show people like never really ruthless but the disrespect was was really loud. So i said i i kill him. You know quiet response but it was funny. Because when i responded like traction came heavier people will support him..

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