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Corporation And they do fifty overs per innings. Okay and over is just three bowls. Three Pitches Zik. Srb Six six six so essentially like six. Each side throws three hundred bowls and then then then the game's over And then the third one was. It's called T. Twenty which is just twenty overs. So even shorter goes quicker. Yeah I'm all in for the test. Give me give me the longest like most arduous like like in test cricket the players if you look at the players they by the end of it our sunburnt. They're they're wearing the coolest like God like safari hats and they. They don't look like athletes. They look like they're just lounging around. They've got this all this loose clothing like linen clothing and it but but at the same time there's this like essentially a little meteor being hit off of like a flat bat like coming at your face in your armed with you know unless you're the catcher almost nothing So have you catch it in the air? It's like Oh my God and their strategy to it but I like the guy you know the way to score so okay. Here's how you scored why they run back and forth a bunch. Compare to baseball so eleven. So there's two batters on the field but you only bowl to one of the batter's that time obviously there can't be two balls in but that would probably make it exciting. I'll be like sure but then so let's say you bowl the ball to me. I hit it and it's in Infield so there's the pitch where all the Pitching happens. Then there's the infield and there's the outfield like baseball but Think of it as like a circle not not trying Diamond Yay so then pitch Infield outfield. And let's say I hit. It ended a maybe makes it to the outfield on the ground. And it rolls but one of the outfielders picks it up in that time that takes them pick it up however long it takes or how many ever times me and my partner decide. Because there's another batter on the field to carrying their back decide to run back and forth. That's one point every time we go back and forth that's how you score points That's one way to score points another way. If you hit it and it reaches the boundary can roll it can hop can skip bounce but it go leaves the field of play like a home run. Would in baseball then. That's four points but if if you bullet and you hit it out and doesn't touch the ground and it goes over the boundary six points. Whoa and about how many points do I want to get to the end of it? That's the thing you want to get it just as many as you can because one interesting thing about cricket that I I mean. There's a lot of things that I did not know before I started watching the videos but one of the things that I definitely didn't realize is that half of the game as one team batting and the other half of the game is the other team batting not like going back and forth the way that you do in Baseball. Just you have your chance. And then the other team has their chance and that's it. So how many do we are we talking like? There's definitely a ballpark no pun. Intended like for you know for like even like basketball score like yeah what are you. What are you end up with after four days of doing that thing? I don't know because an inning is when everybody bats so and you know you pretty much you pretty much but you flip a coin to see who goes first and who goes second. It's not a home team away team. And it's got to be like the Shitty Law that you Paul. Oh you do. It seems like you would wanna go second so you have. Yeah you'd want to go second so you have like my. Yeah how many you need to get exactly exactly so you have a goal in mind like two hundred runs. You know several hundreds yes so after I watched the how to videos I watched some highlight videos of matches. I at one point I watched. It was the last three overs of a match between India and Australia and it was like this huge comeback for me too. What a rivalry too. Yeah Yeah that one I think was going up to like the the the mid hundreds but then I watched it another one. That was up in the three hundred between India and Pakistan. And that was that was like Yeah Yeah Wow so yeah. It seems like it can go. And there's a lot of scoring AF for a game that's considered quote unquote like boring or not. It's not as appealing. You know you think about this. Well it's fast scoring you. Think about Hockey there's fighting. It's like it's like. There's a lot of scoring happening. You know yeah so. Women appeared appear to play the sport. Right there's league good. Yeah I just looked up randomly hottest cricket players and then the female came up like the first thing. Yeah suge Elise Perry Australian cricketer. We've gone well. She's a Sierra Taylor. All at over that hot to be honest thing right well. Yeah there's some crooked Babes Babes. Yeah well listen Indian lady there. Are Things pretty okay? Well no I just looked up hottest male cricket. All right Oh Yeah and We've got VIRATA coli. Very Course Kevin Pietersen Shaheed Afridi And then if you go to images There's a beautiful picture of three men holding their bats. In front of their penises. Ow Oh yeah I like that. Wow that's good. That's those are good looking guys by the way I assume they're all British Australia. And we're Indian engine or oh well these guys. So what's the like the best team like you know because I like soccer like changes like every Brazil is like always like one of the best? I mean I was Germany's got to look up this. I was looking up this incident out. Maybe we'll talk about what's happening here. I would say the best teams I mean India New Zealand. Australia all right. Yeah and obviously that Britain I mean they're good but they I mean starting they're good. I mean the damn thing along with colonizing those contract and there's just you know they start. These New England starts these like international rants us. Yes soccer like soccer cricket like sports and then now they're terrible at them. Wow Yeah do busy coming to Hollywood and taking over roles off very intense channels. Been looking at hot. What did you trick hottest cricket players male but actually crooked weird as find a way and into this because I I don't know to me like there's two kinds of sports right guys. It's worth but there's two kinds of sports. The one kind of sport the team sports. I'm talking teams for it. So one is like the constant action right like we're talking like basketball basketball is great example. I find it very fun to watch like almost like. Don't WanNa wash it all get sucked in right away. I'll pick team and they'll be like a couple of hours and so you don't have a team. I don't have a team. No I don't watch sports but like this because of this and so then like Soccer I find interesting. Even though like things rarely happen happen. Yeah there's kind of motion there's Movement. There's yeah bubbling there's activity. There's some kind of brewing happening to that. I say you're right but I think there's a way to watch each sport. That's different like in basketball. Love the action of the scoring. Three point shots dunks creativity but in soccer and then. I'll get into cricket in soccer. I think it's just as impressive to score like on same plane. You you say. A mid range jumper is just as exciting to watch as a A difficult diagonal pass you know connect and then in the way that I want. Try and watch it. You know where you think about What's happening and then so in cricket it's all about the build up like it's like these guys are silly you're gonNA say like the second version was probably like the second kind right off. Sports with cricket fits base- baseball right like array of like static static. There's no lack of movement rangers black hole the action and all of a sudden shit's going down everybody's free American football's the same way kind of right like just stuff is people are moving but then like the big. Shit's going down your war. Whoa WHOA that's when everybody gets like sucked into the battle looks away from their beer and like in the person talking to looks at the screen. That's a really great point in in the sense that like I think football American football is easier to watch at home. I would say cricket has to be easier to watch at home because of you know the time in between bowls. Same with baseball. Probably but there's a certain you've been to a ton of like baseball parks. There's a certain line it's like a nick. Nick Yeah exactly nine actually. And that's what I- I picture myself going one of these test cricket matches and I'm there for like five days straight and I'm having a coach Coachella almost like. Oh my gosh yeah. That's a great. Yes exactly Oh man yes yes camping hanging out of neither little guitar a little campfire ride like a little. Yeah yeah must be like a community in like the parking lot. Every night I tell Winnebago with the family that Mu- that probably is really cool. Very family friendly. Sounds like you like your year around all right and may were all going to go to the test cricket match. Oh my gosh. That's what we're spent takes off of work and we're going to go to the test match. Peter like baseball more than cricket or the other way round because obviously of so similar. Good question and in the way that you were describing football earlier I think there are ways to To take the elements of the excitement of football and apply them towards cricket. In the way that you watch it or like a way that anyone watches it. Do I like baseball than cricket? I like visiting baseball stadiums more than I like than I have ever visited. A cricket are their cricket stadiums. And Yeah Yeah Yeah I mean there's the England Cricket Stadium But can turn it into that. Yeah yeah I guess like any kind of multipurpose field could be used for that Madison Square Garden type of thing? I would say that basketball court. I home my God. That'd be crazy dog. Show for with Minister should leave astroturf up after Westminster to bringing some largest. Yeah maybe my Gosh. Clean up a little bit been accident. There have been accidents in that dog. Show before right. You know for sure that happens a lot in a lot an agility like dog agility manageability. It doesn't happen a lot but once yeah of course yourself dressing. No but I don't do the like do people dress in nineteen thirties. Outfits Walking Dog. I don't do that like dress more like you went out. Go to go running. But then you have the dog and the dog performed the obstacle course and. That's when the most poops happen. No I wouldn't say that there's no there's no I feel like here's the thing appositely slick wants to a dog wants to. He hasn't happened to. My Dog. Was Big Hound now but you walk the dog constantly before they get out of there. So there's kind of knows no reason. Why dog should go unless they're like sick or nervous or shy some shit. I never think of like that though dog. I guess so I mean. The consent of their like handler is like being dramatic. Maybe like they like shooting pants. But I'll say like focus on the game liquid. There is in the game then on the on the stadium. Look you put a dog out there. And he got that pressure. You need to get thirty runs on Twenty. A bowls bows yeah. Exactly the only got two wickets left. Yeah what do you do if you want to go to the bathroom with these long fricking do they take breaks or like a tea break? Marty? Yes there's room for breaks but also I mean yeah there's there's yes property like Shit Shit. Hold town before you get out there. I'm guessing right. I mean yeah you gotTa Clean Clean Jerk off before you got to get rid of all bodily fluid but what's the deal with the jerking right? Can you remind for athletes for boxers? Like your boxers ops. Do not have sex right before matt. Well how long I mean. There's usually a with a lot of all boxers. Here's what they don't tell you. Every professional boxer virgin. Wow Yeah. It's like being a priest had a lot of ways. Muhammad Ali. What is what is it. That's why that's why he changed his name. Lester cashes clay. Clay was a noted. Coon hound. L. My God the devil here out of this expression he was going yeah..

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