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Just ladies rooms men's rooms because of transgender people one eight hundred two eight three one one point five your thoughts coming up after fast traffic sports some slowdowns on route seventy west brown headed out towards route twenty four than west at twenty four you're busy out towards it looks like about Berkeley heights and then some more slowdowns further west in Hunterdon county is a head out towards route thirty one in Clinton self answer to any seven we've got a Christian discount away right around exit eight south of a you've got the lays on two eighty seven down to about the exit to an Edison some northbound bunching up from exit six through twelve and watch out for the lease in Morris County on route eighty westbound just east of exit thirty nine in Denville you've got a stalled out Basra right lanes blocked forty six Philly jam westbound coming into Little Falls with EMS activity blocking the right lane it knocks road in fact please go all the way back on a route three in Clifton and two oh two south bend Bridgewater's been slow coming up to eighty seven parkway south bend and break you still gonna crash approaching exit ninety one you're back up to about exit one hundred and also in ocean county for liquid township you've got the lease on route nine both ways by Central Avenue George Washington bridge leaving New Jersey just about five to ten minutes twenty minutes at the Lincoln fifteen at the Holland from other reproach Jeff from New Jersey traffic north Christina salvo New Jersey traffic south we're looking at a lot of slow moving cars right now especially if you're traveling on two ninety five so we have to lay southbound leading into the area of wood crest station where we had a crash it's cleared away but you know we do have delays in pockets all the way back to the area of route seventy three we also have a forty two southbound traffic leading into Blackwood Clementon road exit eight very very congested here we have delay also moving across the Ben Franklin bridge if you're leaving New Jersey with a stalled vehicle just cleared away the span of the bridge is still extremely slow moving you're trying to enter the state with the Walt Whitman that's where you're gonna be hitting the brakes and twenty nine in Trenton still very slow south moving into one twenty nine crash of on the shoulder everybody's rubbernecking were jammed back to the area everyone traffic every fifteen minutes next.

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