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Barry Switzer Barry Switzer, Coordinator, Bill Parcells discussed on K and C Masterpiece


Wanted credit for that got some credit then the credit went away time for him to go barry switzer barry switzer is i already a very established head coach in college that's not jerry jones credit berry can walk away if you wanted to it he did time to go wade phillips wade phillips is already coach in the nfl minute a coordinator for a long time at santa bold higher time to go bill parcells now bill parcells is already one multiple super bowls that's not jerry's credit time ago was he eight that was cell the stadium right oh sure then writer all celibacy and it worked jason gear ha ha zazai jason garrett has never been a head coach in the nfl but he did get an opportunity is the quarterback with who with a dallas cowboys he did used to play with who the dallas cowboys and whose bold decision was it to hire jason garrett as the head coach it was jerry jones who will get all of the credit if he succeeds and now i wonder why jason garrett is still a everyone can collina disagree it could be fish it can be maki it could be brought us every single one of them can tell me that i am flat out wrong i will still believe in my core that jason garrett is still here that he has a significantly longer leash than anybody else because jerry jones wants to win above all else but right below that is he wants to get credit for that winning and if he went out on the lam and hired this coach that's going to be jerry jones credit and that's why he's still here i'm convinced sean rj did a great job with jury this morning and he kinda made a little bit of a comment about juicing european his guy well i would say that.

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Barry Switzer Barry Switzer, Coordinator, Bill Parcells discussed on K and C Masterpiece

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