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An interesting conversation that I had with Brian Newnan from WGN is posted on elephant elephants. That's right elephants. It is seven oh one NWCG, and you could hear the sounds that matter the top five at five from the Roe Conn show with Anna. Devante weekday afternoons on seven twenty WGN. Chicago smart. Speakers users users users just say if you can play WGN tune in. Here's Mr. Dave shawny. We have a few clouds and twenty at O'Hare a roofer was killed four other workers injured with severe burns taken to hospitals following a fire that broke out yesterday at a parking garage in the river north neighborhood. This happened on the roof of the nine-story building at the northeast corner of Orleans and Hubbard the victims had been doing roof work from inside the structure, Glendale heights. Police officers shot a man who refused. Orders to drop to knives. But the man's mother is disputing that departments account is happening yesterday morning when police responded to a domestic disturbance, call county says that she called police because she and her son were arguing she says, she is he is a paranoid schizophrenic that police have been to their home before and officers should have known how to deal with him, no signs of real negotiation between President Trump and Democrats is the partial government shutdown continues. Trump tweeted yesterday, he's in the White House waiting for Democrats to come over and make a deal on border security. Meanwhile, the Environmental Protection Agency has furloughed fourteen thousand employees, the Smithsonian Institution says, it's museums. Art galleries and zoo in the capital will start closing mid week. A man who escaped California's San Quentin prison was captured at a Taco Bell restaurant in puzzle robe less yesterday. Shallow Mendoza's capture ended a three day. Statewide manhunt. San Rafael police sergeant Justin Graham says the prisoner was initially spotted in that city only hours after the escape since the arrest. We've been able to.

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