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Oh that's great all right hulu two days in the valley released ron she looks like she's twenty one on that movie she's unbelievable check that out plus danielle one of those movies that was inspired by tarantino pulp fiction if you haven't seen it came out in nineteen ninetysix seen in a long time i'd love to revisit it also bo finger i love that movie steve martin and martin short have their special on netflix right now our view it next five chance yet but i i think both finger was underrated comedies martin eddie murphy are great i love the ups driver cracks me up every time also if you love gammel del toro hell boys currently available on hulu that is very much out of his fevered imagination and i'll rick pass for an indefens of this movie spawn i only got nearly enough lung i think that's a terrific comic book movie i i'm with you it's been it's been awhile since i've watched it but i remember leg was on those fantastic he's so over the top for that wall i'll you know what i'll take you up on that because they are of rebooting that on the next couple of years so that will be coming up on defense i love it spawned check it out on hulu hollywood career spanning tech case and the tales of tinseltown are told here inside the mayans dance with ben lyon oh man i did not interest got me fired up not little league baseball is connecticut fired up but pretty darn close this week's episode i thought i'd share a few story about hanging out with therese in russia one time we were over there for transformers three we ran a lincoln park show and we're like this kind of boring go back telling getting sushi so me taras and a couple of us kovacs no tau gets sushi we're having sushi my tires what are your favorite movies.

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