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Life maybe ran into this yesterday if you to Christmas often worth the twenty sixth today's the twenty seventh it's Monday in my head so well I'm not real good at times and dates in temperatures what do you say it is James thirty three thirty three today be prepared for all sorts of wackiness to ensue from said host by the way thirty three degrees you do not get to complain about that but it is about twenty degrees colder right now than it was this time yesterday and yet still thirty three hello I mean this is where it's usually kind of cheap producer all of what is the average high temperature for today please thirty two degrees John what was that's thirty two what was it think about how warm a Christmas day what was the average high temperature for Christmas day thirty two degrees Johnny what I'm talking about and I got up into the sixties depending on where you're listening to us if you're in Peoria I think you saw sixty four if you're in Chicago you saw sixty something so Christmas day I tweeted out what's the weirdest thing you saw or did relative to the weather Griffin and I my son play tennis how nice we we were out there was short sleeves playing tennis he was anyway we came up to the tennis courts just awful Waveland in lake shore drive that's the nearest wants to us we buzzed over there Brenda went with us and she went for a walk while Griffin I play tennis playing tennis it was positively lovely was no hardship we were sweating we are stripping our outer garments as we went it went really well we walked up to the court system so you what kind of a quirky weird day it was Christmas twenty nineteen as we're walking up to the courts there's this dude with red plastic Sally Jesse Raphael frame glasses member those yep and he's got a fashionable tracksuit and I'm gonna guess he's sixty five years old but he's got a fun vibe he's walking around with a boom box and the boomboxes blaring.

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