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And i don't even care that it's a manual focus lens. I'm cool with that. Focusing manually is not hard to do especially with the technology we have in our murless cameras at back in the day before auto focus and auto everything. I somehow managed to shoot sports while focusing and zooming at the same time. I don't even have zoom lens. Darn not a problem. It's a prime lens. This thirty three which works out to be a fifty millimeter lands in thirty five millimeter terms. Okay forty nine point five millimeter but close enough. We'll call it fifty we're rounding up. Is the leo argus. Thirty three millimeter. F zero point nine five. Cf apo argus by the way being the mythological greek guardian with a hundred eyes and all seeing vision and apt name considering that crazy. Bright sub f. one aperture so when you see argus on future leo lenses. Apparently that's an indication that this lens is designed to gather in abundance of light. This particular lands is just three point two six inches long. that's eight point two eight centimeters. it weighs in at a scant one point. Three pounds also has five hundred nine grams. It has a sixty two millimeter front filter thread size. Remember get eighty two and step up brings it's made up of fourteen elements. Trust me on that and nine groups including one low dispersion element one vehicle element and three high refraction glass moments to handle both lateral and longitudinal. That's hard to say. Chromatic aberration. Thus the apo in its full name for apple chromatic. Venus optic says that this lens handles chromatic aberration so well then they're testing at all apertures in its class it delivers quote exceptional image sharpness across the frame and quote. They say this thirty three has a nine bladed circular aperture which produces smooth round okay with no hard edges. It has a step less aperture ring for those of us who are increasingly shooting video and don't want obvious changes when the aperture just that is not a good look for your video and the company says it has also taken steps to reduce focus breathing to the very tiniest level of any lands in. Its class this thirty three can focus as close as just one point one. Five feet also snows thirty five centimeters. For what the company says allows for quote buttery smooth book a with breathtaking..

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