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NBC MSNBC's, obviously in appendage of NBC NBC and CNN are tied for the worst reporting in the first one hundred days of the Trump administration. What do I mean by that? Ninety percent of their stories where negative according to the Harvard Shorenstein center. Hardly a right wing organization. Ninety percent. And Joe Scarborough works for that network. Now, let me ask you something. Folks, if you were a real conservative any real Republican again, he's bailed on that. Because, you know, the Republican party left him good idea Republican party, by the way. I mean, he's left people. We might as well leave him. Where was oh. Yes. Ninety percent negative. The Scarborough show is probably one hundred percent negative. Does that sound like a conservative? You know? It sounds like a propagandist. You right. Because that's what he is. And that's what they are MSNBC and more and more. That's what the media the media. Are I told you the other day the media are one thing a free press? Another thing. A free precious. Another thing if by free press, we simply mean the government should not interfere fine. But if by a free press, we mean that it actually services the American people services, the American people with information and news that they ought to have as opposed to social activism and progressivism in the agenda the democrat party. We don't have it. We don't have such a press in this country. And I'll tell you what as I explained in the book, the press is destroying the press. And this is not a good thing. And this is not a good thing. There are a handful of people in the press who I really admire I admire Bret Baier. I admire David Brody. I do. I'd Meyer Paul there are a number who I do maybe twelve or so, but that's it. Because they try. Martha maccallum I admire her to I do again. There are others. I'm going to miss them. I'm sorry. But. But it's a relative handful. It's a small percentage of people. It's not it's not a significant number. When you look at the media in this country is explaining in an interview today is see different cycles. This is a very bad cycle. It's probably the worst cycle in American history. Probably the worst cycle in American history. We had the patriot press pre-revolution post revolution. With the party press from about eighteen hundred to the beginning of the civil war where newspapers align with specific parties specific candidate specific causes and frankly worked very closely with them were paid by them and so forth. Then you had. Yellow journalism, which I don't get into because we kind of have a today too. Then you had the progressive movement the late eighteen hundreds into the early nineteen hundreds that continues to this day, and they wanted to quote, unquote, professionalize, everything say you're too stupid to participate in your government. You're too stupid to participate in media. You're just too stupid. The people need to be managed by really smart, people who happen to share the progressive ideology. And this is true. If you read rediscovering Americanism at some length. While of course, they feel the same way about the media. Walter Lippmann who was an iconic writer back then. He basically said, and John Dewey said it before him. He basically said look the people are busy. They're too busy. You know to really understand what's going on in the world. They have their own lives. They live really in a myopic way. So it's up to a handful of us basically to really follow what's going on. And then explain it to them. Explain it to them. Rather than just report the damn news. Now that has been perverted today into well, we can explain it to them. But now, we have an agenda a social activism, progressive democrat party agenda, and it's going to bleed into the news. We're going to devour the news gathering process. We're going to devour the news reporting process, and this is what we're going to do. And some of their philosopher kings professors write about it. And explain it, which is what.

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