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Nine seventy six twenty. Asked four if you miss it. We'll do some real Muto a little bit later on in the seven o'clock hour. Let's see the guest list tonight includes seven oh five Jay Morrison of the athletic back from the senior bowl talk a little Bengals and Andy Dalton's future. Mike price the legendary oh kills basketball coach in AAU coach picked up his four hundred th win over the weekend. We'll talk with Mike price coming up about seven thirty five or so we'll get into some reds. And the the deal brewing seemed to be brewing at this point. It is interesting on Twitter moments ago to tweets from the Tucker Barnhart family, I from his wife who tweeted. With a couple of it's. emoji she used drinks all the alcohol tonight she says joking and then tucker responds times to buckle up tucker barnhart wondering like many others what exactly is going on with rumors of the reds interest in the marlins catcher j._t. real mudo that coming up in just a bit let's deal with the bearcats though and i want to i'm gonna open up all the lines on this because i said yesterday after the game this seemed worthy of a topic a conversation i believe it is worthy of a topic a conversation so i'm presenting it as our first topic tonight a u._c. basketball team that was down forty-one twenty-seven on the road yesterday with eighteen minutes to go preceded outscore temple forty five to twenty seven the rest of the way to pick up win number eighteen of the season eighteen eighteen and three overall seven and one in the american athletic conference it was one of those days that started and throughout it felt like i was going to be one of those days that that the bearcats were dead in the water i wanna say they missed their first seven shots from the field it was one of those well they're on the road and the rat temple brace yourself this is going to be one of those struggles to get to fifty it's not going to be pretty and it's ironic because i had tweeted earlier in the morning how their offense efficiency according to ken palm the the analytics were were off the charts in trending towards the best offensive efficiency of the mick cronin era and i said well that figure they go out on the road and go over seven from the field they trailed seven nothing they trailed twelve to two they were down ten at the half they were down fourteen with eighteen minutes to go and think of it with eighteen minutes to go so they had played twenty two minutes of basketball and scored twenty seven points in the final eighteen minutes of basketball they scored forty five and they win the game mick cronin after the game with dan and terry courtside what i thought the kids played with a lot of pride we get a scott's great.

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