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And since then it's the only thing it was called Southern Star Amphitheater. You're right. You're right. Anyway. This heavyset black woman comes in in the most sensual, seductive way. But maybe that's just fried chicken gets me all horned up. She comes walking in with these two big old bags in each hand. Two big old bags, one in each hand and she comes shimmying in and she says. Which one of y'all want some? It's yard bird, and I wasn't sure if she was the yard bird or the Byard bird was in the bag. But she brought it out and she laid it out. And I was like, Come on, Get in here. Get in and get you some of this. We just dove in and I'm gonna tell you something. That's one of the greatest moments of my life eating fried chicken with Donnie McClurkin and his whole band backstage. We had to pray over first, and it was a long you know, he's a pastor. And, uh, Amityville, and he put a little sermon into the prayer and I was that Frank Chicken was really good. About six weeks ago, I had a little back porch party, little picking party. And the morning of I can't decide what I'm gonna do. So I, uh I called Chris Shaw, who runs good company restaurants. And I said, Hey, it got about 30 35 guys coming tonight. I want something that will be nice, and we did stakes last week. What should I do? So why don't you do are fried chicken because good company opened up the old Armadillo palace as a to go fried chicken and comfort food called Good Bird. And I said, uh, I hadn't thought about that. Listen Yeah, Yeah, well, he was coming and leave. Our good was coming. Said Don't worry. We'll bring it with us. Don't you worry. And they did. And I'm gonna tell you every I'll never forget Andy Jackson he on South Texas asphalt. After he was through eating and it was still grease on the side of his face, and Greece was here, he said. You know how long it's been since I've eaten fried chicken is one of those guilty indulgences that we just don't eat enough. You're right, remote, says name of food that travels as well as fried chicken there in one is true and the name of food taste better in the morning pizza makes a run but runs out of gas market. Seeley go. Michael I've listened to you for several years a lot of years, and you finally came up with something that I can help with. Glad that's fried chicken cooked fried chicken. The first thing you have to do.

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