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More than 20 of his Valley locations open Tuesday says because he believed the governor's decision was random reckless. Scott's told police that it is 116th Street and Shea Boulevard location yesterday after it has nothing to do that. We don't believe that this is extreme crisis for everybody. But if it is that it is for everybody and every business, not just an arbitrary decision to pull business out of a hat like fitness centers and mountainside, have filed an injunction against the governor at about four o'clock yesterday afternoon. Dad says he hopes to get a stay of relief that will allow his gems to stay open live in Phoenix Jump cross Katie Our news. Arizona's response to the pandemic will be the main topic when Vice President Mike Pence arrives in the Valley Today, I'm keep Jeremy Foster. At this moment, we have 12 states with rising cases and percent positive cases. Arizona is one of those states and the vice president says he'll deliver this message to governor Do see a team deployed by FEMA of 62 disaster medical assistance personnel are on. Aground in Arizona. Dr. Deborah Burkes, a member of the White House Corona virus response team, met with the governor yesterday. Jeremy Foster Katya, the director of our State Health Department, Dr Carrick, Crist is going to join the MIC Broom head show at 8 15 this morning. And if you're looking for all the latest newest developments from the covert 19 pandemic, check out dot com slash corona virus. Also stay up to date by downloading the key TR knew Zappa's well, It's 502 time for our first look at traffic this morning on Arizona's Morning news, and henceforth we shall bring it to you every six minutes. There's Danny Sullivan in the Valley. Chevy Dealers traffic Seneca. Good morning. We got a lot going on on I 10 and it's all in the West Valley. First of all, if you are commuting out of town, there's a crash on I 10 West found west of Salone Road. That's mile marker 81 in tone a paw. And then if you're commuting in East bound, there is a crash I 10 eastbound approaching day I start. It's all off right in a construction area, But all the flashing lights are causing a little bit of a slowdown as you make your way past it. Now you've got a new crash on I 10 eastbound at 43rd Avenue and traffic was stopped. A plea to move the accident all off right? And so they are just letting you go now where all of your lines are now open. But that's why it's so heavy in the area, but the accident has.

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