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You're listening to ABC News. Our top story. Washington Governor James Lee is setting a goal of vaccinating 45,000 people a day even though the federal government isn't providing that money, doses of covert 19 vaccine and the reason for this is that we always want her capacity for vaccinations. Actually get the shot. Match or exceed the number of doses we actually are getting from the federal government. To achieve that goal. Lindsley is allowing anyone 65 over to get vaccinated. Plus people 50 and older living in multigenerational housing can get immunized state is organizing mass vaccination clinics. Three public private partnership. Clackamas County Commissioner Mike Shoulders, apologized the Islamic community in the black community for comments he made that I've been called racist, Islamophobic and xenophobic. Never got the feeling that I did not value. Your citizenship. In this nation. Please forgive I never comment that came show mad with community leaders of the Muslim educational pressed, he says the conversation must move forward, and he called for increased focus on positive interaction. Shoal says his comments were taken out of context and may have been made public by a political rival. 600. National Guard members are working with the Washington State Patrol to protect the state Capitol in Olympia. WSB. Sergeant Darren right, says they're about no issues, and their goal is to keep it that way. I'm sure that the Democratic process does continue uninterrupted. And that we were able to protect the building and the people doing their job inside that building. The Washington Legislature is in session on January 6th the same day as the riot of the U. S. Capitol, demonstrators broke into the gate of the governor's mansion next to the capital and.

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