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Uh, And it doesn't seem that the by administration is particularly interested in really embroiling itself that much further into this conflict. And as a robin that split already. It's as it is trying to pivot American foreign policy away from the Middle East on it doesn't really want to. Have to roll up its sleeves and begin for a confrontation with the Israeli government. Even though we're seeing right now, um Is at least among some corners of the American left, including a number of American of Democratic lawmakers in Congress. There is a growing criticism of the Israeli government, which is A right wing government. That's only getting more and more emboldened and further drifting further to the right a government that that essentially no longer endorses the American policy of two state solution. Uh, Andre. There's a sense that a real reckoning of recalibration needs to take place in Washington around Israeli Palestinian issue, And this is all coming as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to form a new government. How might that play out? This is part of the complexity of the moment. Netanyahu has always billed himself as the man who condemn fend Israel best, uh and that he just was unable in the last week to former governments and now the mandate to do so has been passed on to one of his rivals will see what emerges. The Israel has been locked in this almost this two year cycle. Of its political parties being unable to form a stable ruling coalition. And so we've seen this cycle of play out now over quite some time. At the same time, it's not just Netanyahu, who is battling for political legitimacy. It's uh the leadership camps among the Palestinians as well and And you have in the West Bank. You have long ruling policy. It already President Mom with a bathroom. Recently canceled elections because on then you of course you have Hamas and Gaza. Neither of these political figures and groups of figures. Uh, are popular that popular among Palestinians, and so part of the violence is taking place in the context where the leadership whether it's among the Israelis or the Palestinians are themselves battling for legitimacy. And on the Palestinian side. You have a huge body. Of youth of activists who are really frustrated, too status quo, and that's not just down to the Israelis, but also to their own political leaders. Ishaantharoor is washing post foreign affairs columnist read his work at washing post dot com. Thank you so much. Thank you. Pierre s. Pete Dupont, the fourth former Delaware governor and congressman ran for the Republican presidential nomination in 1988 has died out on Saturday. He was 86 years old. He was a fiscal conservative supporter of a strong national defense. During his presidential campaign announcement in the fall of 90 96 1 of the first to announce that that cycle, he spoke of his family who came to America and founded the DuPont Company. This from the C SPAN video library 187 years ago, a man named Pierre Samuel depart and his two sons left France to find an opportunity and a freer world. They and their descendants enjoy that freedom and prospered with it. Today, one of those descendants has been given another extraordinary opportunity. He has been allowed the privilege of dreaming to lead the nation. His ancestors risk every Thing to join..

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