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Coast coronado california. Is there an air force base there. Then you basically probably. That's i think san diego. If i'm not mistaken that's in the san diego area. I mean she starts life there but People that we know that our navy kids or air force kitchen move around a lot and she did that. We touched on earlier. She finds herself. They're in school. Chris and her me as their forming a band and other things are swirling in the world of cbgb's and everything else punk rock and new york city. He is wooing her in wooing her all suitors as he described in our interview with chris france and wins her heart and her hand and now they've been married coming up on forty four years of marriage One of the great rock and roll couples. And chris was on with us and he told us that tina's getting ready to write her book. She may even have it written but he did not deal that. I think she's got coast to be public. Because i think it's supposed to be out. In twenty twenty one isn't hers bestsellers mazing couple bestsellers talking about their relationship and banned from two different perspectives. It's fantastic absolutely fantastic. Her family's a very creative family in general that both parents even though he was a structured military man was very supportive of the arts. And you have to look her brother. Yawn designed the Salvador dali Museum he's the architect to design that. So how that's very encouraging. Chris said that his parents to are also navy right. So it's something that we're learning about. Life is military adjacent life. And it's nice to see that like we talked about before and i you know. She goes into hooks up with his guys at rhode island school of design. Which you know. They all speak highly of their experience there and talking heads compass point all stars. Tom tom club. We talked about them planning on this podcast recently. And i'm not sure it would've gone her on here to find out i if she ever met steven van zandt. I'm gonna guess yes. I would love to know and i know you reached out to chris Before we recorded today and if we find out anything or we'll add in an update online somewhere sometime. And that's what we do do really. I'm going to guess that they've shared a stage of the festival. And i'm going to guess that they have met at events and i'm trying to think because they've all been involved in in some form of activism over the decades as well so their paths could have crossed that way to to impressive pedigrees in two great musicians who have had a huge impact on the direction of rock and roll differently post-punk before there was post punk new wave before there was new wave. That's the talking heads talking. Heads east street band both in the rock and roll hall of fame both bands these members these birthday twins impact that that both bands are impacted enter different with different people involved and therefore the connection becomes a hall of fame connection something that we're starting to see too. Is we start talking. More and more about different sets of birthday twins. Absolutely and by the way chris and tina together since mid seventy s period married since seventy seven two sons. And if you follow chris on facebook you can see their view of the world daily you almost. He just recently posted this picture that he does from their deck on on the pond. They live near and he did it for a whole year. And he didn't do every day when he took all the ones that he did post over the ear and turned it into a big file of all pictures of his day there in connecticut. And we're happy to know. We look forward to her book. Maybe on these days silvio dante will write his book time does he have time to write a book at a time. When you think guys would be slowing down a little bit and and taking it easy the talking heads are talking about. Possibly reuniting for roadwork after the pandemic and things are clear. Bruce's sitting everything out for this year while they wait for things to clear going out in twenty twenty two. That's the plan. She's got other stuff coming. But you know they're not going to tour this year and who would have ever thought rudy sars. Oh himself checking in on the podcast. Very funny fellow that ruiz rs yet. Can you believe that. He was so in tune with our frequency and our energy that he knew to pick up the phone and call us. while we're recording. Huda thunk it. Now me. I'm just glad it happened. Thank you universe and thank you rudy. Sars oh and don't forget you can find him on the monsters of rock radio network. It's the six degrees of rudy sars. Oh and from talking to him for just a few minutes. I can't wait to get him here for a full episode on the podcast looking forward to it. We got the email from hefei teneo. Who is a huge fan of the imbalance history of rock and roll. And we thank you for your comments on our facebook page He sent us a note. Saying i've been enjoying your podcast. The last couple of months just searching rock music history and found yours. that's interesting. I guess we named it right. You seem open ideas and after hearing your top by christmas songs. I thought it would be interesting to hear your pick me up songs. Oh you're pick me up songs okay. music in mental health suicide prevention unpopular topics that require rock and roll sized. Came home needs to take on. Oh i think we've proven we got those quixote's fa and his. Here's my Keep the spirit of christmas alive all year long playlists and he hit me with a link to a spotify playlist which i'll put up We'll tweet it dude. Thank you for finding us. And thanks for sending that email. Thanks for being inactive part of what we do here about to come up with a five favorite pick-me-up song i can do it down down and we're gonna make an episode soon my friend. Thanks sarah hefei for the employment. We do appreciate it. That's what you do. You send us an email at amounts history at g. Mail dot com. When we started birthday twins. We thought we do a couple and see how it goes. We're up to five six pairs if you can't both in this episode but it's a birthday twins number five here on the podcast and it's been a lot of fun learning about each and every one of these musicians in a different way but trying to dig into their musical histories to find out if they're connected is even more exciting and more really. Get into that you really do. I do because he gets to be a detective in a way that you do it for this episode of birthday twins. We have good list more so we'll get to more birthday twins dan line but that's it for this episode. Thanks for finding us here. On the pantheon podcast network a production of dark media. I'm re cou. I'm markus in the darkest and.

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