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To come out with some kind of explanation. I'll tell you this. Rust doesn't seem to bothered by everything that's out there, being said about him because he posted a picture yesterday with Joe Montana and Sean Payton, him in the middle. And everyone smiling, Russ is smiling, Sean looks positively giddy, rust does not look like somebody who's carrying around the weight of the world by any means. By the way, if you follow Russ on on Twitter, I recommend you go to the picture just for the comments. The comments are very entertaining. As you can imagine, plenty of charity related comments in the comments section there for Russell's picture, but Russ, this is a case, I guess where Russ's ability to compartmentalize and just kind of go through life almost oblivious to what's being said. Seems to be serving him well. If your name is happy, if your name and your face are on it and that is going to be the name and the face that gets credit when it's reported that good things are done, then yes, when there is a question, that name and that face needs to stand up and answer questions about it. No question. You are absolutely right on that. All right, let's get you some. Is it just me? Is it just me or the nuggets looking at another second round exit? Yeah, I think that's, in my opinion, that's just you. I think this team, do I wish they had done more at the trade deadline? Yes. Did the Phoenix trade kind of rock me a little bit? Yes. But the nuggets have incredible chemistry. I am a little worried right now about Jamal Murray's other knee. Let's get that thing. Stabilized because he was playing lights out before this cropped up to the point where I wasn't even thinking about his surgically repaired knee anymore. But now it's the other knee that's given him some discomfort. That's a game changer. That has to be right. If he's not right, then you got no shot. Then you are looking at probably a second round exit. But assuming good health, I'll put the nuggets big three up against anybody and I'm not ready to crown Phoenix yet. Devin Booker's got injury issues right now. Chris Paul's like 62 and you're talking about four players that have about what 25 games to develop chemistry and to be this juggernaut that's going to just steamroll through the Western Conference playoffs. I've seen a lot of super teams, a lot of duos that have been a lot of trios that have been put together with the promise of delivering big things and they haven't. So I'm not ready to panic yet about the nuggets in the suns. Are you? No, there's no panic. It's likely a much more difficult path over the last three days what has happened than it would have been before. All of these trades, but they have a four game lead in the Western Conference. They absolutely unequivocally should be the number one seed in have home court throughout the west. The challenge is going to be how this bracket shakes out and how many of the other legit contending teams do they have to face on their road to the finals. So who doesn't want to see a Dallas Phoenix first round series? The way Dallas just clowned them last year and embarrassed them with Luca laughing at Devin Booker and now it would be Kevin Durant against Kyrie Irving. In the first round, if that happens, that's great news for the nuggets. Right? How many of the sons, the Mavericks, the clippers, I guess, go ahead and throw in the warriors. How many of those teams do they have to face on the way? Could you get Golden State in the first round? And then if you get by them, then you're talking about maybe getting Phoenix in the second round. You know, it might be one of those things that you're the author conference vinyls. You want to end the doubts all time about jokic and his greatness and where he stands in NBA history, you want to end the doubts, then go through a playoff run and beat curry, Luca, Durant, and Giannis and win a championship. That's how you do it. Right? Step up to the plate. And beat those four guys on your way to a title, the way Dirk did, right? When he beat Tim Duncan and he beat Kobe Bryant and he beat LeBron James right in one run, right? Do it the way he did, and then there will be no doubt remaining as to how great yo kitch is. It's going to be interesting to watch coming down the stretch, but I know last yesterday he didn't go great, didn't we wanted more at the trade deadline? And then they go out, they lay an egg yesterday, but come on, this team has been playing at a really exceptionally high level all season long. I think they've earned the benefit of the doubt that they're going to be there. They're going to be a tough out, and they are going to an all likelihood have home court advantage, and they've got the best home record in the NBA, and you're talking about a 7 game series, a game 7 being played here. I'll take my chances with that knowing I got the best player in the league and healthy Jamal Murray. That's the big wild card right now. Healthy Jamal Murray playing at a level that he was playing just before. He had to sit out these last couple games. I'll roll with that against pretty much anybody. Coming up, four down territory. Some of the NFL awards that were handed out yesterday. And is it time not to panic, but to start getting concerned about the avalanche? That's next. When your team is in hot water and you need a break from the play by play, bath fitter can install your tub or shower in just one day, and just like a coach, bath feathers in your corner offering a watertight seamless wall. 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