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And we just asked those same four questions because you can pop right back up to the top again, and as soon as I'm done, talking about doctor in a while, that's so cool, then the next thing is like, what bless scenes did you notice were in those verses? And there are three or four. And what is important about that? Because the spirit taught, you know, at least it's not the different or making something different. And you can stay and go deep and deep and deep, and then you pop back out again. And all right, and what did you notice, Lisa? Because there's no way that anyone gets to be wrong. And then you build a lesson around one point or two points, but connection is deep, and we all leave feeling one, and we felt excited and connected. And I could feel the spirit test to find if something important to me that was important enough that I could say it to someone else. And when that other person looks at me with acknowledgment, they've received it. I feel loved and valued because I have made even if it's a different that's my I contributed and everyone hungers for that. And God gave each of us a piece of the equation he didn't give any of us all of the equation except the savior. He's the only guy who got it all. President Nelson has also seen is he doesn't have it all? That's why he has a core of 12 apostles into accounts. He doesn't get to have it all. None of us do. We saw it in his life..

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