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Of that you will hear a lot of cases being made for the philadelphia eagles about a their roster being better than the patriots which i do believe it is outside of the most important position quarterback and tied it and be the idea that the eagle defensive line the way they blitz from jim schwartz and the way their defensive front gates after it is exactly how you beat the patriots at a big spot okay the jets did that divisional round beat beat up on brady the ravens have done that denver is done that that afc championship game a couple of years ago and of course the giants did it in the super bowl were talk in oshii the first one stray hand were punishing brady and hitting him and parading him however in both of those super bowls and the way everybody talks about how good the defensive front was for the new york giants guess what happened is still took two special plays special place in the tyree catch and the manning him catch to slay goliath anand thanks back with wrong under brussels ward rosler eddie got a fight out of it boy drowned with nepal all the field wide open moreover four rooms he was right birthwell medical the take this now looks work good with thirty seconds ago the giant regained the lead what are your zones we will patriots two two they get a final stand other great tom brady and the john through the most propagate where in recent memory cut one super bowl forty two bob poppa late great dick lynch and carl banks on the giants radio network ten years ago saturday night that happen a special kind of play and a special kind of bohm it no matter what the chinese defence needed did they needed that for me lie main ken eagle fans expect.

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