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His colleagues warned that he will face impeachment proceedings if he doesn't resign. Now. The university has defended his right to freedom of speech even when it is offensive to others, citing a recent Supreme Court ruling on students speech, but has not stated whether it will halt impeachment proceedings. Or overturn his removal. Letting the impeachment process play out could prove costly for the public University, Florida State University paid nearly $100,000 this spring. Settle lawsuits stemming from its refusal to overturn the student governments, removal of its Senate president Jack Denton for sharing Catholic beliefs and a private group chat. But other than potential litigation, University of North Alabama Has to worry about blowback from state lawmakers. The Alabama House Republican caucus issued a resolution this week. Posted on yellow Hammer news. Strongly opposing any efforts. To impeach remover apply political pressure intended to force stadium to resign. It denounced the dangerous cancel culture atmosphere that predominates on college campuses. And seeks to punish those who continue to adhere to traditional values, especially those rooted in fundamental religious teachings. So House Majority leader Nathaniel Ledbetter The top caucus official didn't respond to queries about what actions he wants the U. N A authorities to take this University of North Alabama the student Government Association gave stadium until June 30th to resign or else And he obviously did in the formal impeachment process will begin in our first full meeting. Of the fall semester. August 26th, So I guess they're going to impeachment. Stadium rejected the demand and a message to the SDA that sites as constitutional rights. He says the student government has a unique opportunity to be an example to others on how people with differing beliefs can and should work together. Let's take this just for a second what he says. He says that gays and lesbians need to be born again. That's his religious belief. I guess gays and lesbians have found that offensive. But what if gays and lesbians say that Trump supporters are going to hell? Well, that's fine. That's just fine. So you can besmirch Trump supporters. But you can't say anything negative about gays and lesbians. Well, there's your double standard. The thing is Outside of threatening somebody. The Constitution says You can pretty much say anything you want about somebody else as long as you're not defaming them or threatening them. And that should be the case here. Phil does it matter whether he's a college president or whatever? No, it doesn't matter at all. I mean, this is a political office, isn't he ran on what he's gonna do as class president or school president. Whatever it is, he is. And so it seems to me you can run on all sorts of platforms that are political. Well, this is another political issue. He thinks he gays and lesbians should be born again. You're gonna you're going to eject him for that. So the alliance defending Freedom, which represented Denton and his lawsuit against Florida State. Told just the news. It was not involved in stadiums dispute. It's not clear whether the 24 hour image posted June 21st by stadium, a rainbow T shirt with a message born this way. You must be born again was intended to criticize sexual orientation or simply call on homosexuals to become Christians. Another student preserved it on Facebook and commenters promised to file complaints with the SDA and various University of North Alabama Alabama officers. I've talked to some officials, and they aren't happy. One student wrote, blaming low voter turnout for stadiums election this spring. Lots of meetings are planned and they're planning a possible open forum for LGBT Q students to voice their complaints well, they had their chance to complaint to complain when they voted. Didn't like the dude. Don't blame him. But you can't be anti G BLT Phil. Why not? Well, but it just marginalizes people all like being anti conservative. Hello. Welcome to the real world. This is this is weird. This is one of those life lesson moments. This is one of those teaching moments or teachable moments. Where the school officials need to say this is how it is in the grown up world..

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