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I'm not convinced that Texas and all running Alabama. I'm going to go to this year and finish fifth in the West You well. I don't think A._M.. Finishes Fifth and West where do you think they finished third in the West. Maybe second and I'm not convinced that Texas is GonNa go to the playoffs all burn. Here's one of the things I learned about Texas and I every time somebody every year I hear this is the year for Texas the two schools that I always here on the come up that seemed to never actually get up our Texas and Tennessee so I am not pudding either of those ts in the playoff Texas much much farther along than Tennessee but I would not put them there and I'm this all burn. I'm not gonNA bath. Our fans going to say it anyway. You're not gonNA win the West. It's a freshman quarterback Kevin someone try to save his freshman quarterback. What could happen to him? Go ahead on thing that favorite job could freshman quarterback basically good luck with that one all right so let me do this real quick. I want you to matt quickly. Tell me each game. You're going to beat Texas state. Are you winning Clemson by going to lose a game that Clemson you'll beat Lamar. You're going to beat Auburn at home. Yes Arkansas at home yes well. It's an Arlington Alabama at home. Yes Oh yes. You're beating Alabama at home. Yes I'm very confident my team that you beat Alabama all right. What about against Alabama? We're about an old miss. Yes yes Mississippi State at home. Yes South Carolina at home at Georgia loss at l._S._U.. Win All right so now if you believe that's your record then you're in the S._E._C.. See Championship game you just pick them third but if you're only losses to Georgia and you beat Alabama then you have the tiebreaker. You're in the S._E._C. Championship game too but I'm looking at the fact that I don't know what Alabama's record is going to be but I mean it doesn't matter what the record is. If you have one loss and you beat them you own the tiebreaker against them. You're going to the championship game in that way. Well now. You have congratulations. We're going to wow go ahead and book your tickets. In Atlanta. See we education and information. Let's go to Steven on line three or four in Alabama Steven. How are you is the topic for the last the rest of the afternoon Paul Finebaum? uh-huh getting any younger I think I know what I finished college. I know when he finished college. I think he's sixty four years old so sooner or later like Nick Sabin. Somebody's gotta be his successor. You guys are making a good case for yourself but I'm partial to Ryan McGee because we have furman university in Communist father worked there went to school there. We can talk about some things and he gives me some oxygen so who is GonNa be the successor to Paul Five <hes> <hes> <hes> when's IT GONNA happen. Is it three years down the road four years down the road. <hes> what's the state of college football going to be when he steps off the stage. I'd like to talk to Greg. Thank you about football culture but I'd vote for Ryan McGee. I can live with y'all if we'd have a screening..

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