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I love this headline Sebastian Maniscalo at third show to popular command due to popular demand, where Syracuse. So, like Syracuse. Yeah. His tour Tulsa, Oklahoma, thacker local Homa, Wichita, Kansas Charlotte, North Carolina Charlotte, North Carolina, and I guys, I Google the guy who produces the VM as he produces other like music award shows, and guess how old he is. Fifty eight fifty five so there you have it. They're just, you know, an and I'm kind of like not trying to be like a hater like, oh, like old people like don't hire enough. But my thing is like it's such a clear strategy that it's like I wonder how it's gonna go reminds me of the Howard Stern hosting VM as reminds me. It's like a very specific era of stand up comedians when they all were hosting these different award shows, when they weren't necessarily musicians you know, like, but it went away. Yeah. I just don't know like in a way. But this is no one's gonna watch is no one's going to watch the as right? Yeah. Even when they do, even when they get a good host. No one's watching the BMI. So it's sort of, like must be a fun time for them. Maybe sort of low pressure. Let's see if we can make it funny and this must be the guy bailing. Will this guy's funny? At the very least it'll be funny. But do you think that leg? This is very like wish like a wishing nostalgic. Look back. When the VM when MTV was cool when comedians did do it. And it was like fun, and edgy, and blah, blah and music and comedy did go together and all that stuff. Because like that is not necessarily the case anymore. And so, I feel like this guy is like this nostalgic heavy vibe to try and get people to watch the VM as, again, when, you know, all the nominees are like little pompous, essentially, and it's not gonna be as big of a connection, because like though, you know, it's like not like that anymore. I gotta say it intrigues me, it makes me wanna watch at least the opening monologue or some, I'm watching this, are you kidding? I'm watching when are they like next month? The always the beginning of September end of August, right? I mean, literally, I'm looking at is YouTube videos, and it's got he's got whole foods skit, aren't you embarrassed checking at the airport when you're Joel doorbell rang twenty years ago, I can you play some of it here. Yes. In my house. Couple of weeks ago, just relaxing. My doorbell rang, this is weird. It's a different feeling when your doorbell rings today opposed to twenty years ago, twenty years ago doorbell rang that was a happy moment in your house. It's called company. Sitting on a Thursday night. Watching TV your door about rank the whole family shot off the couch. Somebody. The whole family went to the door. The kids were inside. They slip up the door. Nobody looked to see who it was. Just opened up the door. You're like, oh my look. But with that we are done for the day. Thank you for listening to. Who's there as usual? It's really great to have you here for the early terrible closing and opening today. Falzon. It's grim Twitter. Facebook sports patreoNcom such who weekly. Oh, yeah. We, we donated over four hundred dollars. So the L Hemmer fund. Thank you. Everyone who bought merged able to donate, that amazing. It's all because of you that rules. What a great cause calling it six one nine who them to leave questions concerns for next week. And we will see on Tuesday may have a great weekend. It's going to be a great weekend. I can feel it goodbye. It's gonna be a great weekend. I can feel it. They wanted no. Fame. Hi is Irene Fisher who are them. Also, if you ever find yourself needing t- on I'm Fisher him. Yeah. Okay. Megrahi's by. Hi, it's me again, just going to say, like I already know what the answer. I lean Fisher question is on the one who just called about that, obviously. But yeah, I already know it's going to be like, old white rich white lady them, otherwise generally who by all other standards. So just like hope you didn't waste your time answering that. I hope you don't play this. I mean, feel free. Okay, mean greased? I.

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