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What gilbert odd nuclear with the calls the brewers knock off the nats zach davies allowed to are drums over seven innings in earning his 16th one of the season jonathan vr capped off a stellar multiple alghozi are as three hits including his eleventh home run of the year is the third straight game with multiple hits and the second straight game that he hits a home run when he pitchers act davies says v performance is a big boost for the team we we know what role he had last year and how bigger part of the team he was an just him having consented success in getting on the role of soda issued for the team is another pick up nothing so it it's huge er has also hit safely in each of his last nine starts at miller park map hall lee wtmj sports moore's going for a win in game number two of the series tonight with jimmy nelson on the mound our coverage begins at six thirty five was the bulk of the starters in three closed the packers backups knocked off the rams backups 24 turned in the pre season finale it was taste some hill finding aaron peck in the fourth quarter to put the game murray snap steps up two wang larrabee with the call he'll a 27yearold rookie quarterback he did a marvellous job this preseason may divert thirdstring quarterback position very interesting to watch will the packers even keep three quarterbacks it'll be a nerve wracking a bit of time here until cut down for hill sows more first year galz or something like this i'm hopeful loved to stick around here early i don't have an answer for you i'm i'm just going to ensure do it hope for the best in ceuta the.

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