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Who see to-ing us and then commodore harwood who see to-ing A separate direct action unit can't out of the kantar airfield and we got this task lists from From six flick right the combined forces anyways it was a three star headquarters frank and so It was about one hundred eighty different places they wanted to go to and that was our tasking to to go do that. We had to get that done so when you say go to. What do you mean goto. Like they thought it they thought it was places that had intel or had bad guys in it and all under one hundred eighty of them were dryable like towns villages or like actual target packages targets round without the target packages. It was just a little bit. There's something there but the places that all one hundred eighty more dry holes but the places that we got all the computers and all the stuff that that Some of bin laden was working on and move was working on were given to us by the afghans. Were on the ground. Hey they worked out of that one. They worked out of that. They worked out of this and and we would get a call saying hey we got al qaeda there see that's where it became tricky because taliban were afghans so you get them and they either switched sides would. They didn't switch right if they didn't switch sides while You know the the afghans you know would would deal with them through afghan law right and custom whatever al qaeda different story they were arabs. And ooh we had to be very very careful because there was only one fate for them if they got in the hands of the afghans who had been families had been killed and tortured so and so forth and have any real love for them right so that was her. Whenever we got a report and zell caddick suspected al-qaeda guy. We would go mome and we would take. We would take them into what. I would call protective custody right. And then we would move them by our own means to be interrogated and By you know coalition side of the house right. And so i mean that's that's Kind of difference between the taliban and al qaeda at the time There on the ground and how they were just dealt with differently and we didn't really worry about the afghans khazei always switch sides. But it was the it was the it was the al qaeda because they were from oman from saudi arabia. They were from pakistan. They were from some other place right and now that didn't know they were not welcome. And you know one of the worst places to go. Mommy i got there was the soccer field. Because that's where all the hangings the beheadings and the stoning of women took place. I mean stoning women in killing children for flannel kite. We handed out thousands of kites when we got down there because they're huge kite. Flying folks have competitions. You know they attack each other would kites you know it's just like this huge thing anyways They loved it right out. We got them their music. We got them things to play with music. We established businesses one of the one of the first businesses that we establish was a woman's Laundry and then we used to clean our own stuff because by the time thinking that they're by the time we got the cantu. Kantar we stunk. Right i mean it was pretty bad so anyways we did that. But i'll never forget i was on was four. Four o'clock in the morning. I was up on the candle. Har- governor's mansion. And i was doing my head mike night vision goggles and i got my afghan partner with me and keep them awake. All you do is give them the goggles because it was like. This is amazing to them right. It was amazing them see that technology they could see because they'd go back down right and i know you can't see me on the radio but i mean it it you know it just is what it is but i'm up there and i see the bakery that we had established you know and the guy goes in for work and he gets in there and he starts opening up and that's what we are bread every morning and that nan bread football shaped bread. It was warm. It was delicious by that time. We were getting peanut butter and jelly sent to us. And my wife sent me a tub a marshmallow. Because i'm from new hampshire. Fluffing utters really good right butter. Marschall sounds so. I was looking forward to it. But i'm watching this guy and i go there. He is Doing his thing we he starts you know he gets the dough all done and he gets in the bowl with his feet and starts needing and i'm like no. I did not just see that right. You can't unsee. And i'm like and i knew what his feet look like right and i'm thinking to myself it's done. I can't eat bread again right. And we go get the bread. And i'm sitting down and battalion commanders. Sitting there and watching the guys. And i go ara guys i gotta tell you i gotta tell you. This is what i saw today. I got to share this with the. I hope i don't ruin it for anybody. Morally obligated house share share. And i did and they looked at me and they i don't give me. I'm eating this bread. And he goes. The brick oven burned it all off and i go. I can't get there. I can't get there right so it kind of ruined it for me but anyways good so but by the time you leave for the first time in march it looked like things are going pretty as good as you could want them to go Two thousand and two that when you get back there again so it was interesting. I get selected to be the fifth special forces group s. three so i get bumped up from the bataille and go up to the group level and were now of course sustaining operations While it had gone to a different group so we didn't have to worry about afghanistan anymore fifth group because they're so because it was third group but then we got the warning order for iraq. So we start planning iraq. And then i get called into my group. Commanders office says hey you just got by name requested to go do an interview to be the secretary of the eight joy. I go sir. Just got the job that i've always wanted group s. three. I mean the doesn't get any better than that in in a special forces group right in in in my mind anyway. And i was like sir i i don't i don't wanna do that and he goes. Well you don't have choice and joe's and you'd better not blow it because we need an sf guy at that level. It's never happened before so we need you there right. We need you there so you go there and you do the best you can. If you don't get picked don't worry about it but don't sabotage it..

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