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They have lots of priorities trying, you're trying to get through this time period. You're trying to grow your your new rookie Jaren, Jackson, junior, potentially, trying to get some of these guys in position where you can trade them if things don't go. Well, you have a lot of organizational priorities and just saying like, hey, man, I know the next three months are going to suck, but don't worry. There's like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. That's not how good businesses done. Yeah, and I'm not advocating or door seeing that approach. That's the only plausible explanation I have for why they committed to j. b. Bickerstaff going forward because he and it's not really. I guess it is a shot at him. He's just never been that impressive of. And I, I would have wanted to take things in a different direction if I were them. But yeah, among that group, we can safely say. Say that none of those guys were getting fired in the next year? Correct. I would think so. But that's always one of my favorite situations where someone just gets fired in their first year out of nowhere because clearly they just made like the wrong higher completely. And there's so many bad teams on this list where I would assume that that's not going to happen, especially guys recently just got higher, like coach, bud or Wade case. I mean, you know, phys Dale in New York. I think those guys are basically untouchable in year one, but it will be funny if someone pops out of the blue and just gets knocked off. I mean, I'm thinking about like the Mike Dunlap era in Charlotte, you know, like, oh yeah, he's a new coach. He's completely fine. Like wait a minute, like no one has any idea who he is what he's doing. It's a complete mess. And he's just gone real quick. So I would just caution. Don't assume one hundred percent retention from this group. That's all I'm going to say. Yes. And that's part of what makes fun is they're definitely going to be a couple curve balls all over this list, but moving. Onto the next category I had, which is not untouchable, but the seat is not hot. So I have five names Kenny Atkinson in Brooklyn. Tie Lou in Cleveland, Dave Yeager Nate McMillan. And Mike dantonio and did Tony. You could argue that he should be untouchable at this point. But there are various scenarios where I could see him getting fired at the end of the season of and same with MacMillan mcmillen was great last year. But like if the Pacers missed the playoffs entirely, you know they're couple like dork timelines where things were like a change could be necessary. But those those guys I think are probably safe regardless. I think they're both safe regardless. I would actually move them out of this category. I think with Dan toady he's really lucky that the rockets didn't trade for Carmelo on his big salary number. Instead got him on the minimum. Like I think that's the kind of thing where like it saves him from a leverage damn point because if they get into a fight or I guess I should say when they get into a fight over Mello's role or lack of defense or not playing him in the fourth quarter or whatever else, dantonio gonna win that fight this year. So I see him, you know, in place, I think they've got a really stable organization. They're all things considered. They like with our ad. He's got the backing of management and the new ownership group. I think he's okay as far as mill and I mean him in Kevin, Pritchard are fast friends, best buddies they go back aways. I think it would take something like older depot just deciding he hates McMillan's guts, which is very hard to foresee for there to be a change. I think they're playing with so much house money after last year that he would still be able to survive a disappointing year. This time around I give it another shot. I agree with you on both counts and then Keniakin sin and. Dave Yeager the expectations are so low that it's hard to imagine like the nets are the kings getting really intense at the end of the year and saying we need better. Can I draw distinction there? Because I actually think Atkinson. I mean, nobody cares like the nets are technically in the NBA, but not really in terms of the kings, though they think they're going to be a lot better than they are every season, right?.

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