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Kim, Gordon has got the WGN news right now, mostly cloudy, sixty three at O'Hare Chicago's historic. Johnson publishing company has filed for bankruptcy this afternoon. The company published some of the country's most recognizable African American magazines, including ebony and jet. Both magazines were sold in two thousand sixteen legislation was introduced in Springfield today to change the constitution and allow voters to decide on governor Pritzker fare tax plan. The governor says he's open to debate from both parties. But if it's a no go schools, universities community, colleges, social service agencies and public safety by fifteen percent or raise taxes on everyone. From those making thirty thousand dollars to those making a million dollars by twenty percent. The plan would raise taxes on the state's wealthiest not the middle class. Speaking of taxes. Are you getting a smaller than expected tax refund at house budget hearing on Capitol Hill today? Illinois, congressman Mike Quigley effing IRAs. Commissioner Charles reading refunds or down six billion dollars compared to last year as of March twenty nine we have issue two hundred six billion dollars in refunds associated with seventy one million separate refunds, and you know, we're more or less on par with where we were last year tax day is Monday, April fifteenth Israelis voted to maintain the status quo that from senior Palestinian leaders is suppose revealed no clear winner in the general election. Both prime minister Netanyahu's right-wing Likud party and the rival centers blue and white party claim victory today a congressional hearing on online, hey turned into a vivid demonstration of the problem. When YouTube livestream of the proceedings was bombarded with racist, and antisemitic comments YouTube disabled, the live chat section of the streaming video about thirty minutes into the hearing the twenty three year old man charged with lying to federal agents about being Timothy. Fits in the missing Aurora boy will continue to be held without bond a US magistrate considers Brian Rini flight risk. He was charged last week after DNA tests proved he was not pit sin drivers need to slow down. Stay off their phones. Obey the signs and be alert for workers that message from the Illinois department of transportation during work zone awareness week. I dot spokesperson guide trivial says speeders face big fines. And if you hit a worker, you could spend fourteen years in jail. Concerned about though crashes and work ten to be more severe four out of five crashes of Potala involves somebody driving for work. Each year in Illinois. There are more than fifty three hundred crashes in works owns and now WGN sports. Here's Kevin Powell. Thank you, Kim White Sox trailing the temporaries ten to five in the bottom of the ninth on the south side cubs after their opening day win the host the pirates tomorrow night. John Lester could miss an upcoming star team expected to place the lefty on the inter- list after he left yesterday's game with left hamstring tightness around baseball. Pittsburgh pitcher, Chris Archer has been suspended for five games Cincinnati outfielder yelp week for two and reds manager. David bell for one game for their roles in a bench clearing scuffle last week. And it's the home finale tonight lows the Knicks Virginia celebrating its first national title after they held off Texas Tech in overtime last night. The Cavaliers host a championship parade this weekend preseason schedule has been released. Carolina to start things off at the giants at the colts. They wrap up preseason play at Soldier Field. When they host the titans the exact dates to be determined. Masters. We continue in Augusta tee-times announced today. Tiger Woods off at ten. Four on Thursday morning. Roy macaroni and Ricky Fowler are.

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