Ben Simmons, Kawhi, Gordon Hayward discussed on Dunc'd On Basketball Podcast


And in there i included ben simmons who i think we'll probably make the all star team this year uh although i haven't looked into it that that closely and gordon hayward those are the two that popped out to me simmons in part because i think he's going to continue to improve throughout the year um and that's kinda where he would would if we're like okay were going to do these for where we think guys will be at the start next year and hayward is back now that kind of where he would have fit for me but that that's my top seven just to recap so james durant leonard paul george jimmy butler ben simmons and gordon hayward yeah i don't have too much of a difference there i do have fence edmonds into tier bilbao george butler just because we have to see more of that for you handle it he's below george above or to me also that that sort of might tier 4 butler and georgia in tier three right and so i ha i have that same thing and what simmons provides an is is just this idea of intense value because he his shock creator at the three or if i forward if we want to do it that way and even though he has troubleshooting and we don't even know if that's going to go there that value is intense and he's a capable forward defender which was something we wondered about beforehand yet i don't think he's going to be a lockdown guy but he can be good enough to be the other player which is very valuable to not be a sieve and at his size legit six ten like it he is this is other than injuries if this is basically as low as he goes this could get serious in the last piece i wanted to talk about before we move on as and this might be unfair because i thought about this and are not sure if you did was would you have put yawn us in the tear with kawhi and durant or would would he of kind of been in his own middletier between that and pg and jimmy butler if he had been included.

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