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Unnecessary would not stand by. We would define long and we need to start with. Gold was martina korea standing up in her wheelchair. The older sister of troy davis has most stead. Fat st- advocate speaking ten years ago. Today she would die a few months later if cancer as scheduled. Time of troy davis execution approached. Hundreds of his supporters rallied outside the prison. In jackson georgia around seven. Pm eastern time. The crowd erupted into thunders. Cheers for just a moment at appeared. The supreme court had stayed the execution like it had three times before detroit. Tell you the last time he saw last for the reasons. We're hearing some kind of cheer gone out there. But the jubilation was short lived. That was ben. Jealous will be joining us in a minute. After realizing the execution had just been delayed not stayed. Supporters of troy davis waited for news from the supreme court at about a quarter to eleven pm. The crowd went silent. When it was learned the high court would not stop the execution. Prison officials began the lethal injection process minutes later at about ten fifty three. Pm troy was pronounced dead shortly thereafter at eleven. Eight pm court ordered. Anthony davis has been carried out the time. Dead is eleven eight. pm again. Prison official sharing the news that try. Anthony davis swiss executed at eleven. Oh eight that. Was the time jazz standing with wesley board. And i like to say there's been a travelers. the justice like not in america ought to be shamed yourself and god help america and immu alive with america. Please don't company george. Don't come to georgia dome mountain georgia. Pk's no matter in georgia peaches. Don't by any tree with georgia's whole world. Don't buy anything with georgia. God.

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