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KBC News at six. Some Ryan Pierce. Los Angeles County Health officials are painting a dark picture of the current Corona virus outbreak, warning that the county is facing what they call one of the most dangerous moments in this pandemic. L. A County health officials are defending new business and social gathering restrictions, stressing that without an immediate downturn in covert 18 case numbers, area hospitals could be overwhelmed. They note that on November 1st L. A was averaging about 1100 new cases a day. That figure increased almost 2001 week later and as of Wednesday is upto almost 4000 per day. Kevin TRIP KBC News in Los Angeles Police Department has officially banned the use of third party facial recognition software programs. They used non criminal source images. The band was ordered last week after reporters showed LAPD higher ups evidence that officers were using ClearView Ai ClearView AI is notorious for scraping images from social media and other platforms. From now on, officers will only be allowed to use the system that's connected to the county's database of criminal booking photos. Sharon reared in K ABC News and the U. S, is marking a grim milestone in the Corona virus pandemic. 250,000 Americans have died from the rest pictorial nous as of Wednesday. A model from the University of Washington predicts the death toll could pass 300,000. By Christmas. There have been over 11 Million covert cases reported in the US since the outbreak began. And in KBC Sports. The NBA draft is tonight. The Lakers pick 28th that sports on the home of the USC Trojans had in stocks, more coronavirus cases are scaring the markets. The Dow Jones fell by 345 points.

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