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Sorry, I was fearful of this and I was really hoping it wouldn't have to own what Jeff Fletcher from the Orange County Register reporting Shohei Ohtani had an MRI today. It showed new UCLA damage. Tommy John surgery has been recommended. Now if he has Tommy John surgery that puts him out for part of next year. Right? Yeah, that'll put them all the way to the middle of next season. Yeah, at best. That's okay. So George, that we can ask you a question that I brought up to Mason in fasttrack. So the angels have this really weird problem. They signed Albert pools to this albatross of a contra. It has eighty seven million dollars left on it. All right. Twenty eight twenty nine and thirty guaranteed all the way through over the next three years. The problem with pools is that you have Otani ready to take over at d. h. and most people are indicating that they're going to be. They're gonna have a new manager next year busters telling us, it's going to be Eric Chavez. The former as third baseman who's working in their organization. So new manager. I said to Mason Mason agreed with me. I think the smartest thing the angels could do is cut Albert pool. It's a check for eighty seven million and tell them to go, yeah, but now no Otani for you, do exactly the same thing. You wait a minute. You can Deitch pool Holtz and he's not. But he's he bringing anyone into the seats at this date. He means going to get to seven hundred home runs. So you're saying that that that is the reason that people. Yeah, people. I mean, I think he's like sixty away, but it would be the Bill to it, right? Can he get sixty in three years? Twenty and twenty. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean because erosion is there to Mason's point does if you if you owe coming back at some point and if he does, you still have the same problem. It's just a matter if you want to delay, but listen to us home run totals forty thirty one twenty three nineteen. Yeah, that's why it's not a guarantee. It's a, it's an absolute with ruins his career total for six thirty three. So he needs sixty seven more. Yeah. It's not going to be with the angels. Is it going to be with anybody? What team would want that. Well, nobody's trading for let me tell you something. He'll be released. Sixty four RBI's literally grows on trees last.

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