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Home and it cooled off, and then it runs just like it's supposed to. So I had a mechanic come out and tell me to replace The calipers and rotor. And the The brake pads. And I'm thinking there's a brand new brake pads and and I don't see nothing wrong with Roeder. Why not just replace the calipers? Um in both sides are doing it. Are both sides locking up on you. Was it just one side. I think it's both sides. Okay, if it's both sides are really rather doubt both calipers go out at the same time, so I would kind of Back off in his recommendation there typically if if the brakes are locking up on that vehicle, um what I would suggest you do is actually get it hot. Get it to where it doesn't want to roll much in crack of bleeder Screw open. If the calipers bad it's going to stay applied. If you crack that bleeder screw open, you get a shot of brake fluid out of it and close it off and everything Freeze up. Then, more than likely you have a master cylinder issued where the actual master stoners starting to leave the brake supply. Like if you actually have your foot on the brake. So I would recheck his theory on just putting calipers on it because you don't want to put two calibers on that car and it you know you're doing it's doing the same thing. So how you would test that would be basically get it hot getting toward locks up. Loosen up the front bleeder screws. Let it drip 1st 2nd close them off and see if it frees up if it does, And it rolls. There's nothing wrong with the calipers. You're you're getting pressure applied to him so As far as doing the pads and rotors once when you correct the problem definitely would change out your calipers pads not so much calipers but least the pads and rotors because if they've gotten extremely hot, those things are going to be making noise, squeaking and pulsating on you. So make no noise and the stuff just perfectly when it's not hot, Okay, we'll if it starts, and that's what you're going to have to do is replace those components. But if it's not doing anything like that, then Yeah. You're definitely catching it in time. So do you think it's the master cylinder? Yes. I don't see both calipers going bad at the same time, but it's an easy check. All you do is get them hot and crack the bleeder screws up on the front and see if it frees up. It does. There's nothing wrong with those calipers. It's a further up like a bad master Soner possible booster or something of that nature. Okay. Okay. I'm thinking I should have taken to you instead of having more cows. Yeah. I mean, if you're more than welcome to if you'd like to get it by the shop will at least properly diagnose it for you. And then from there. You know, get you going in the right direction. So you're not just wasting money on replacing stuff that doesn't need to be replaced. Okay, so all right. Can you put me on hold and then let me go get a pencil paper. Somebody else tell me where you're absolutely.

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