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N n from more spiritual more Yogi perspective. And I do have a background in that as well. Women are lucky in the way that they can actually renew themselves every cycle. So there's a downward flow. So there's there's an aspect of clearing some of that stress. They energy the detoxification, all of its sort of renewing yourself every cycle, which is why they say mentioned, go into an sweat to a sweat lodge every month, right? So there's there's that components as well. So that compromising that in, you know, like a lot of women saying, oh, I haven't had my period. Six years will great, but you're also storing all this energy in your that you're not excreting. You're not not letting go off. So in my mind, there's a sort of double this. This, both of those things that affect your of women taking a a. OCP will will compromise both of those the spiritual physiologic, spiritual, emotional, psychological, as well as physiological balance. That makes makes a lot of sense. And there's an increased cancer risk from taking birth control pills and things like that. And I, I tell all of my women friends who were on the pill, you're, you're going to pay for that down the road and using affected birth controls really important. But the birth control comes with a large, a larger cost down the road that isn't well isn't well known, but his will understand at this point when you look at the data. So like to something that's -ffective, but not something that is going to increase all kinds of risk later in life. So that's, that's. I'm happy to talk about that. Tell me about what happens inside the hair. Follicle win hair starts get then. See what happens. One stressed and actually these are clinical observations have been sort of anecdotal, but now there's new evidence that came out that talks about a direct brain follicle connection and the pathway civil only been recently lucid. So it's really cool, maybe not cool for us for the hair loss. But we do know is that Heff articles actually have their own functional mechanisms for producing hormones for producing cortisol. So we know that in the whole body are we have the hypothalamus at Tel Sadri not that the Twitter gland to secrete a c. t. h. tells the which tells the journal glance seat, decrease cortisol. So we know that that's the hba accent the hypothetical access. Eight is actually exactly replicated in the follicle itself, and that's something that is research only recently showed so that when the follicle is stimulated from the outside by Protozoa bike Otago trope in. Releasing hormones, it actually has its own ability to produce quarter solid south on can also use this mechanism to adapt to stress, which of course, stacks of cortisol on top of cortisol in what happens is that it actually dysregulates the surrounding in immune responses. It produces more inflammation at the stimulates messed cells to granny late in to release inflammatory molecules that will cause apoptosis cell death and also early induction of ketogenic, which is the regression face in Hibbitt hair gross. The other brain follicle connection is that our nerves, so we have a really wide awesome meshwork of nurse that surrounds the follicles in the skin. That's why we feel thanks. You know, that's why the follicle stand up or the hair stands up on her hands are. That's why, for instance, mar or psoriasis get worse when when you're stressed out because of that direct connection to the nurse. So the nerves will release..

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