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Help you see how they come together. If they can Coleman show we dated five on a M 5 50. I found one of 3.9. How do you do in 7 54 Plenty of rain still to come. Let's check your access. Wdun forecast. Here's John Weatherby showers diminishing northeast breeze later gusting to 15 High 45 30% Chance of overnight showers Tonight 35 Tomorrow 20% Chance of early showers Later. Mostly sunny, windy high of 50 from the Access Wdun Weather Center. I'm meteorologist Tom Wetherby Gray, rainy down. The breezy side wins about eight miles an hour. Right now we're at 30. Seven degrees in North Georgia's news dog Wdun Cattle back with US for an update on sports. It's brought to you by Howard Brothers after power and hardware. Thanks, Bill, we have a full slate of high school basketball region tournament play on the air Tonight at five o'clock, the Jefferson Boys pulling north Oh Cockney in the 848 tournament at Flowery Branch, and then it's seven o'clock, the Jefferson and girls will take on Cedar Shoals. You can hear both games on at them one or 2.9 w D Win. 94.5 FM the late Gainesville takes on Lambert in the 678 consolation game at six o'clock in region tournament yesterday. The view for boys held off have a sham central 46 41 868, the East Jackson Girls beat Franklin County to advance to the 83 a championship game. The Lakeview Academy Girls fell two top seeded ST Francis in the six, a private semi finals. An Alfa Rhetta and the NC double A division One council announced yesterday that it will extend its recruiting dead period for all sports through May 31st dead period bands all in person recruiting, and it's been in place since the start of the Corona virus pandemic last March. You confined more sports online that access W D you win. All right. Thank you. Carole words. 7 56 4 minutes in front of eight o'clock moving through this side you Thursday morning, but I got a ray of sunshine for you right now because Robin Templeton's with us from the insurance source. Morning, Robin. I like that. Good morning. They'll have are you I am well. And you are a ray of sunshine just in general, but especially folks right now going into another open enrollment period. A lot of questions. Insurance is one of those things that we know we need. We know we can get benefit from, but we don't really understand it and I fall into that category. So Little sunshine from your part shining some light on. It's always a good thing. Don't thank you. And I appreciate it. I mean, I love happened people. That is just one of my passions of I love what I do. And when you love what you do is easy to explain it to someone and make them comfortable with what they're getting and understanding it. So it's important, especially right Now,.

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