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I think it's great. Is in the pudding. We want to see what happens. Nothing. The only really example we have of of zuckerberg's philanthropy is the hundred million dollars gave a Newark for education, which well, you can't dump that much money on a system that's already really poorly run and just that we'll now told better rights, New Jersey, particularly wrong. Easy. My wife is a Jewish ago. Bruce springsteen. It's my my, my, my mom, it's is a lot of teachers in my family teachers, my family, New Jersey. So there are a lot of 'em, but there are a lot of endemic issues in education all over the United States. Yes, he's learning. What is interesting is Bill Gates always had said, I am not going to give away any money until I can do it right. It's very easy to throw money wrong at a problem and just not only waste your money sometimes make the problem worse. It's very hard. I think to do effective charity gaming cakes spent years trying to get his head around the disease issue before they saw going off to Podesta a now. But for a couple of countries, hopefully polio is going to be a writer case, which is some of our organizations work with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in overseas, and one of the things that we are because we we work with other organizations because they want to copy what we're doing. And when they talk about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, they always say, and they make it so hard. I, it's like, okay, I understand what you're coming from. Yeah, but it's not that it's hard. It's they're demanding. Accountability. Yeah, I should also point out that while it is great, the billionaires giveaway their fortune that the amount of money that private charities contribute is a tiny fraction at all, even include the Catholic church as a tiny fraction of what governments contribute to this. Yeah, and and so it doesn't replace, you know, replace this societal safety net Gilman confront long-term research in a way that companies and private individuals, genuine, you really don't usually do well, certainly not if they're held the quarterly stock, no. Curious, what you think is Facebook, which has an a. lab which I didn't know. And maybe this is the Facebook. Facebook has three on like three different continents. Any fairly large percentage of of the talent pool available for AI research. Dig it. I hope that they mean to do good with it, but some has the more time you spend on Facebook, like a meth addict instead of the world would better. We'll be here. Mark will have more money to give away to his not foundation. So NYU nor New York University has provided Facebook with an anonymous, and this is already a little bit of a problem because Nana data sets Arfan aren't an anonymous data set of ten thousand MRI's this medical residents magnetic resonance.

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