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Line now you are watching tv all right kevin mccullough glad you're with us the house ban hot sardines i love this multi twenty so cool anyway we have a lot of fun on saturday nights in tonight it's fun because we're gonna help kids it doesn't get better than getting to help kids and if you're concerned about kids that have been separated from their parents the kids we're we're helping tonight get to summer camp they're not children of illegal aliens that's a separate issue they are children whose parents committed crimes and went to prison these kids did nothing wrong but they need love they need our help they are being raised in very tough circumstances and they think no one cares about them that's that's the reality of of what some of their existence is our and the fact that they can have someone say you know what i know that where you're at is really tough we're gonna we're gonna let you get out and see nature for a week or two weeks you're going to get to hear about god you need to find people that love you find other children that are in your circumstance you're not alone you're not alone and it's gonna make a huge difference also because they're going to be introduced to someone named jesus now if you don't care about jesus that's that's fine you don't have to but i know that he cares about these kids so that's what i'm focused.

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