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And let's go live to Australia now Paul Anthony Wallace is a researcher speaker author of a number of books on spirituality and mysticism me research is the world's mythologies for how they speak to our origins as a species that are potential today as human beings are back in the eighties and nineties Paul's work centered on establishing foundations for new faith communities in over the last twenty years is designed and deliver training for church ministries in the United Kingdom Australia and in Australia Paul's lecture on the history of religious thought and also the principles of interpreting text including the Bible on the serve the Anglican church as the archdeacon in the Australian Capital Territory Paul welcome to the program looking for to this Hey George thanks for having me on the show great to be with you how was the fires down there they somewhat abated because we have finally had some lane said that is a huge relief for around the country I heard I heard that and by the way a couple months ago I had a chance to meet for the first time Russell Crowe we just sent me a text during the Oscars and he said I'm in the Australian bush right now I thought it was back here in LA all good on him good guy good guy the Australians are pretty decent people aren't thank Paul okay so I'm a stray and by choice I grew up in the U. K. and then I moved out here when I was in my fifties and I love it here I think it's one of the best country in the world in about a couple months are going to be at the what is called contact in the desert in the near Joshua tree Indian Wells actually California and I always get a chance every year to spend some time with Eric one Donna can author of chariots of the gods you met him when you were eleven years old and you I would have loved to let him face to face but I encountered him when I was eleven years old because he was really shocking at that time with people chariots of the gods and it really impacted me I discovered it through dinner party with my mom and dad through and thanks for a wonderful dinner parties in the conversation for a very interesting and as an eleven year old boy I was pregnant one of these and really intrigued by what everyone is talking about they were talking about eight point Denikin's faces include chariots of the gods and might use absolutely quick top because even at that young age hi the dental side that there is a gap in our ability to explain ourselves as an intelligent conscious technological species on planet earth and he seemed to be naming this gap that I hadn't really could acknowledge before but it seems to me obviously we are with some kind of animal and yet we are very different all the other animals in terms of our consciousness and on television and I use a technology and I wasn't hearing anything whether from the scientific community all from religious communities we could so why with the same widely different we seem very he was drafted the planet earth Julia the animals can live out in the wild quite happily George if you and I will look at in the wild for three days and three nights I think good I did not still be here would be pretty sick and I didn't find any explanation for that and all of a sudden he was somebody on that I can do is naming that problem and he was saying emergence on planet earth as we has not been explained it we are and normally and of course in that book he argued that what makes sense of our yvolution at this point even external intervention development and he believed that external intervention came from people from other planets and his book was a collection of evidence is that he found or around the world the point to this in that direction and so it was a bad experience at eleven know who really was still a little freed that was waiting in may two geminated if something's been percolating away all these years since and in a funny way the questions that I was resting with about where we came from they led me to becoming a a Christian believer I want to not to mention I went into the world of ministry thirty three years with involved in church planting train passes in interpreting the Bible I archdeacon in here in Australia and as in any career you get very very busy but I kept thinking I'm going to get back to some of these questions because I found that my Christianity hadn't on food all the questions but Eric Montana can had raised an eye catching up because I'm going to get back to that go to cool down into that and finally a couple a couple of years ago I had the the time and the opportunity to do that but it was really all the way back from when I was eleven that that that touch people listening you know it's interesting because at eleven I have my first out of body experience Paul and that got me going into the unusual in the paranormal and then I stumbled into a book that my mother gave me yeah it was written by Walter Sullivan who was the New York Times science writer than called we are not alone about his theory that we weren't alone in the universe and I was hooked after that I mean I went out and got his many books as I can't find books by Edgar Cayce bart Frank Edwards by just about everybody and like you are you I just couldn't stop that book really it change your life business yeah it sure did it sure did and I'm glad it did now did you did you get hurt as a little boy as well not as a young boy that if you you talk about my ultimate frisbee injury yes that was my opportunity to to get into some serious study that was a more recent injury I talk about it in escaping from Eden and it was an injury I had in fact when I hit my thirties and it seems a really small injury ultimate frisbee in case anyone doesn't matter it's a cross between frisbee and rugby it so it could be extreme and I injured myself and it into the the ankle and then that not have to hit no not not that shoulders and I didn't realize the quite some time how much trouble it is causing the I use that injury in a book it's a kind of a metaphor for all the times when the universe is given me some time out Jackie decent study in DC thinking and so a couple of years ago I had the opportunity after finishing a particular job assignment to sit down and to get back to some anomalies it could mean all through the years and so those anomalies included the questions that Eric Fontana can had raised certain cleated anomalies in the Bible that I discovered as a youth yeah and as a lecturer in hermeneutics which is the interpretation of textile through the years I kept finding little things that one that doesn't quite fit that what sense does that make I need to look at that and again I just needed that time finally to sit down and send a drill down and find out what that really means but when the moment came a couple of years ago I could sit down for an extended time and study I knew I wanted to get back to the questions every point on it can have ladies because in the intervening years about a decade ago it was two thousand nine I think there was an amazing event and it was catalyzed by pope Benedict the sixteen who called upon the pontifical academy of sciences to convene a colloquium Georgie lady have some recollection of that yes I sure do it was pretty dramatic was that was two thousand nine or eight nine now it here and I remember that and many of your listeners will remember it I can't believe how many people have gotten happened because my jaw dropped when that happened because Benedict the sixteenth has to be the most conservative pope in my lifetime and what he did was to call upon the pontifical academy of sciences to hold a five day symposium with top scholars feel gins and they published about a year there was a long leading to it because they wanted us to know what they would be discussing even though it was closed door sessions they wanted us to know that the subject was quote the theological implications of contact with other civilizations walk and I where is this coming from because all those amazing wasn't it was it seemed to be from out of the blue only four hundred years ago the churches burning people at the stake for just suggesting this collection life on other planets I'm thinking of Giordano Bruno wine and in some cases even talking about other planets exactly yes even just talking about other planets said this seems like a huge leap and I remember when the spokespeople for the Vatican and met the press after the colloquium they had to pretty far reaching things to say no first of all they were talking about other civilizations they weren't talking about warship on monitors for more on the back of a comment thirty forty that other intelligent developed species people like us about from other planets and when they met the press afterwards we heard from for instance father Jose capping a fullness is a director of the Vatican observe the tree and he came and said we need to be ready probably sooner than anyone anticipates to embrace a brother or sister AT and and I could watch so you know what do they know and it really gave the appearance that they might be expecting some kind of a disclosure in answer to that Paul there two observatories that they had it was it was strange wasn't it was it was indeed and the the other director of the Vatican observatory was guy consul mine you know who is that a great scholar and he came out and said we shouldn't be thinking in terms of aliens because these other people would be creatures of the same creates children of the same heavenly father and we shouldn't be surprised to encounter them he said because they're in the final day in the Old Testament and the New Testament and when he said that I feel a lot how about I missed that I've been lecturing possibly now to read the Bible for fifteen years could I really have missed that there are aliens in the Bible so I took that as like a gauntlet being fun down so soon as I had that time to study I thought I'm going to go back why to the beginning from the first verse of the book of genesis I'm going to go through again I'm gonna ask the question all the aliens in the Bible are they eat cheese in ancestral story how exactly about that in I. Beth when you went back and looked you found it all over the place right from the very first to this in the genesis right to the end I had missed it now a lot of people who read the Bible might be does yes there's a funny moment in genesis six where there is the story of hybrid isolation all human beings and something else called the sons of god the bending and him and the way the story runs and the offspring giants it it seems that it is something out Shearman that hybridizing which humans in that story in fact the ET narrative begins right from the very beginning of chess well in what's important to is the church Paul has said recently that belief in an extra terrestrial existence does not negate one's belief in god and I found that to be dramatic then you yes I I am very glad they said that though I've come to that same conclusion and clearly the purpose of that colloquium was to tell the faithful this is a conversation you can be possible and it's not something that you should be anxious or panic about because the presence of other species in the universe in no way negate gone and as I was searched not because skating for the evening I was reminded the white at the beginning of Christian history there were significant church fathers who were foundational to the formation of historic Christianity who believe that we live in a populated universe believed that there.

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