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We get letters willing great letters at the moment. So if you're listening read something in the magazine that kind of inspired. That's please do Email right to us. We love hearing from me. And then we get well, then we can talk cover story, which is the Mike Hawthorne feature entitled Mike Hawthorne. Britain's forgotten world champion. Provocative kind of cover line. Really ready? We've had people saying what do you mean forgotten? You know, we remember him like it was yesterday, and I can take that point. But I think sort of premise was the he's just not remembered in the same way as as as a clock or a moss. And yet he was Britain's first world champion and the stats don't necessarily stack up. But but we challenged pull Fernley to explain really why he deserves his place in the pantheon and Simon when he doesn't looking at individual races. What's your feeling on on whole loonies divisive is too strong a word, but I mean? It's not much divisive with more, Iran. You are completely. And I'm at both we all and therefore in your kid you read about about Buchner seven years old and in boxing on ended. Doctor all the connection, and there was some fantastic performances. I mean, you look at some of his some of his performances during the fifties. Three French Grand Prix. They were wonderful. I think both the thing that people tend to build sniffy about is affected in the funding tally here. You went three will championship qualifying grown pres. He in the year. He when the times where he will morning rice books from three stunning Muslim four, but the development. Ms reliable, the per hour in hopefuls critic existing in the end, the greater consistency. Plus stirring, most talking to the student the Portuguese grown preempt to reinstate rapprochement escape. The people tend to think Williams wasn't lucky world championship. When the drivers of the drive is one more Royce's. But the fact is he did and you look at the history which some of which poor explain they were very very very high. He wasn't just consistently quick. But he was still brilliant racing to be ferry came in need. So the two points today. No friends, and he kind of chose each he was already chosen at the end of this year to retire. So he was he was only ever going to be around for that period of time. So he most of the color legends content. Go on for a lot longer tend to kind of have their peaks in Trump's Panetta. They said tougher over greater period of time. He was never going to be one of the ones that was going to be the same rank the clocks in the most, etc. But it's no, it's no reason why we don't we don't think one time world champions in in a in a way, the we can remember fondly all in why the anti-gay knock Nichols time came along much, we're not very much and then over UN much in sideways. Well, absolutely nothing. Say you look peaks, and he his highest with very very very high alert people. He wouldn't he's not forgotten by the vast majority of multiple raiders, but any of those help down Finchley Harvard office while he was my on the chances the funding any any passer by who reclaim would be very very, slim, whereas Stirling moss..

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