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Distant, Thank you for listening to Keyshawn J Woman Zubin this past year and also in 2021. What's the image of 2020? Is there something that grabs your attention says This is what 2020 like. If you could. Somehow capture a bald eagle. Plan over a Dumpster fire. During a rainy day but also rainbow showing That's 2020 right there. Perhaps no athlete on the planet embody the word change more than bubble. Wallace 2020. In the past, the 27 year old was reluctant to speak out on racial injustice He wanted to be known for his town on the track, not his status is the only black driver national In May, the videos of the Ma robbery and George Floyd sparked an awakening within him. He implored his fellow drivers to join him and taking action way had good conversations. A lot of it was sponsors. I got stuff can't really they don't want us to talk about it. I got get it from that standpoint and also get it from Thea Other side of Doesn't affect me. I don't have talk on It's so much bigger than you. And that's what's.

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