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And if he wants to take a Shino Monica in terms of strived to resume, he's probably done enough. So just call east coast too. I think that's a really good point. I think it's a toll to the idea of a strategy and Savar, especially one of the best skews you can have is restrained. Like it's it's not every fleshy Tony block off stay. It's it's it's restraint knowing when to hold them, know when to fold them kind of thing. So. And I think that they segues really nicely into the beginning of the next episode, which is web, Brian comes back from travel council and says. To dual. Now we've already touched on, but I just want to kind of go through the reasons why I call. On Brian on that moment because that is one hundred percent north one happen and and I would love to maybe the finale I'm going to press through him, but like I would love to be like, dude, it's just you and me. No one's listening just you You can can just just say. say, you can say. Because this is what happens. You happen to travel council econ. Talk to explain what happened, then have the whole journey back to camp where you're in lockdown told you on the letter token to you walk back into camp. He has there about how long Henry, half an hour, an hour maybe longer to formulate exactly what he's going to say when he camera when the producer pools him over in the middle of the night to go and see over and talk about his view on on what happened. He definitely been caught it an idea that about him doing it on purpose and give him credit. You have to do that because you have to make it look like to shawny, have to protect your image to shawny great. But what I will not abroad is lying to the audience. Mata shawny loss. Ahead. Bows? Well. Didn't know that the auto. And if you knew then maybe like econ kinda. Yeah, for sure. And on tweeted out, full reasons Henry. So why this was a complete live one. He did not imply that he that was the plan when he was voting in the voting booth. And I showed his vote at no point in the voting booth before will go down when no one else can hear him. Did he mention anything about number two? He had no idea that Sean had the auto and that was going to happen yet. Absolutely. No idea that we know of. And number three, he tried to bring Fanilo and shawny in on the plan of voting three full. Fish on. So that's another point against and the loss. Most biggest, the biggest fun. He is that in the next episode, he doesn't follow through on this plan that he's apparently put in motion of going to the end with shine and Monica because he ends up voting fishing. It's just. That's like, let's not insult intelligence grey zone. Just had to get it was just ROY. Was one of those like, like you said about line to the audience? Nothing that's walked. Irritates anyone watching when you just can Kobo shit. Yet they and this the show tells you that like when you go out there and just before you play a lot of this audience lies much as you want to the place, and I think that's a really good metric because if you start lying to the audiences will like in your confessionals that's a really nail your net now playing like two different games that you're trying to reconcile and you'll Brian is enough laws as it is drawn. Keep track. O-. I want to move on to talking about Monica because this is the episode where she does go home and what have you thoughts on Monica this season. With more in confessionals, definitely think is being on -tunities to show more of images describing the basic things. I think she speaks well and confessional think she's just a happy person like to just brought the screen lots. This. But yes, she's going well, but I guess it was just kind of she couldn't win is based on the. They're always pip, I guess, and stuff like that. I don't know why she would have been long to balanced, but I think this she's a bit of an enigma for the people out. There feel is people that just don't quite understand. Maybe like her view in the game will like maybe she doesn't understand again the way that I've you it and she's been..

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