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Could check out his patriots at boxing fan of power. Both me and Mike wearing boxer fan of paranoia shit about boxing shirts. Go check it out. We go to Jesus in LA talk to me these moved on up. We own up. Danny garcia. He hear me. Danny Garcia over Mikey Garcia. I think he's gonna mean I mean Mike. He goes gonna the a lot more than what he had against Spence. I think he should have thirty. I won't forty seven with a top ten not the best that one forty seven. Agreed. I think he I think he should stay at one forty. I think he, he should've started at the top ten fighters. I mean really? Not a name, then it really doesn't do anything for you. If you came in and it's like guys or then now on the. Would not struggle or you probably wouldn't prepare you to fight Earls bands or get identify with anyways. But by him going Earls vans, gives them a chance to. Yeah. Yeah. I agree with that. But mike. Where does he go after this? If you lose it. So you So own you go. own go back to one forty you always call out a Shinko being Sammy. It's not an option for for Mikey iron. No san. Yeah. But it Mike you lose stock was down, like who's really going to watch them, having to go forty Forty seven. seven. I mean look at it. Nobody has picked Mikey to go up and be early. I mean, maybe people with, like the same way with guys fight. He's not supposed to be naturally bigger guy who's been fighting the way clad for years. And this is your second fight. So it's like I say is like a, a win win, but it's not going to be a big detriment to his career as we think. I have I have done. He goes over Mikey. I agree with s. How many people had Mikey over Earl now Mikey? And everybody's like I haven't really heard people say Mike is going to be Danny..

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