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The autographed back to his friend former suffered mayor Jim rice and it's been in that family for nearly seventy five years it's three eighteen traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the eight and I don't that's a river crossings a bit slow well there's construction so the Holland tunnel as a woman a blockage way now it's a bit slow on the outbound side so I had to get the Jersey we've had some difficulty there with extra traffic to one lane of construction in each direction lead totally to closure you got the shut down all those center to ban also so work on four ninety five north Bergen continues so keep that in mind for your travels to you'll find a link close in a ramp closed on four ninety five as you travel on that west bound side into our north Bergen so south on at south on US one of nine across the East River got the battery tunnel the one to show the other handling two way traffic we've been taught to love a woman block each way NJ thirty five in New Jersey stop on northern say George Street and Woodbridge challenge of all aid to block the to a traffic on the northbound side as a water main break that they're still tending to their rocket was just moving along on the New York State Thruway both ways into the top of the see a traffic tie up call the Mavis discount tire chopper to blind two one two nine seven five eighty eight eighty eight follow us on Twitter at WCBS eight eighty traffic our next topic a day less than ten minutes on WCBS now the forecaster meteorologist Matt Randy for the early morning hours it will be bursting called RT two in the city mid twenties in some suburbs and later today turning out cloudy and colder with a little snow and sleet arriving in the afternoon it could lead to some slick conditions for the evening commute hive that a thirty seven there can be up to an inch or so in the city a nearby suburbs of for changing array Monday night with one to three inches nor the west of two eighty seven well Monday night down to thirty to thirty five then cloudy with some rain on Tuesday mainly during the morning and midday hours high around forty mostly sunny windy and colder Wednesday high thirty seven very cold despite sunshine Thursday hi just twenty seven and mostly sunny and chilly Friday high thirty four thirty six degrees N. farce tells thirty three N. bridge port where the wind chill is twenty eight it's thirty four in Central Park and windy the wind chill twenty seven it's three twenty lawmakers.

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