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We were both like you know what this is no we won't let we've all matured a lot but not so much that we didn't have to point out that we did it come and get credit but you were saying this didn't not this did not come on the name yeah and that's not a anyway difficult was not due to the fact that the previous rent her left it in there but rather this is randy enterprise employees i think an enterprise employees who works at the airport in houston you know the sex stores in houston our next to the airport and that's true so that way specifically exactly it's the only owning laws they have in a city where from what i understand they're just like bars in the third floor of apartment building but like i think that what happened is somebody was somebody went out to get some lunch they got it from let's say a strip bar buffet sure then they went next door to the sex products or purchase that put it in their breast pocket lot at as so i'm demonstrating it into my colleagues here is you'll representations very helpful went back to their job of vacuuming the the crevice between the back of the seat in the bottom of the scene leaned over bloop that it slid backwards during the exterior wash and there it is for a lucky renter to find later is he going to send us pictures or didn't happen apparently i wanna know which one of those rings fit.

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