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And they say there's no widespread evidence of fraud challenges are not likely to lead to significant numbers of votes or change the election outcome. Wendy Wise Lor, who's the director of the Democracy program at the Brennan Center for Justice, and the N Y. U School of Law, said. I don't see any legal strategy. They look more like public relations. Hans meant to create a false impression that the election is filled with him in proprieties and fraud. Now you have some experience in the legal field, Dr Root what? What is your impression of this? My I like the way that when he wiser said that from and why you school all that That actually is. I was thinking about this more more. You know, He's got all sorts of different ways. He's going about this. He's got vote counting. He's got recounts. He's got ballot dumping. He's got trying to stop. Votes from being counted, You know, forged Stamps on the date when the thing was accepted, wasn't accepted on time in the mail. I mean, there's all sorts of different ways. He's going about it. And if they go over this with a fine tooth comb, they're likely to find you know a few dozen your erroneous ballots, but not not as many as he got nearly across different states. I mean, it's not like this All just happened in Philadelphia. And so I think I think what what Wendy Weiser said. It is true. It's not. He's maybe really that he's not trying to push a credible legal strategy. He's just looking for some sort of distraction so he can bow out without saying I lost. But, you know, In other words he's trying to. He's trying to make an excuse. For why he lost. It wasn't my fault. It's all these other things and the courts are all corrupt. Just like all the voters are two to the credit of the founding fathers through the Constitution. They have created the strongest and most transparent Democratic republic and the free you know, in the known free world, Donald Trump is not the victim of widespread election fraud and the highly doubtful I mean, the really, really what he's a victim of is most states opened up their mail and About it about voting process this year because of covert because of Corona virus, And so perhaps you got mortgage Emma Craddick or Big D Democratic Party participation. Then you normally do because it was easier for people to vote this year just by filling out their ballot and mailing it in and more fundamentally, I think this was a repudiation of his bad behavior. Not interestingly enough, a repudiation of his policy because we already covered that many of these same voters voted to retain their Republican senators voted to retain the Republican government governors voted to retain the Republican state legislators voted to retain their Republican House representatives but voted to vote out. Donald Trump. So that tells me they're interested in Republican policy. They're dis interested in the buffoonish antics of the president. There's a time and a place and when he can't Step back for a moment when he can't ever behave with decorum. I think there's a price to be paid. And let's also consider the fact that if he had not gotten into a personal spat with John McCain how the vital swing State of Arizona may Ah yes. Oh, yeah, well, that and Martha McSally the scent, the Republican Senate candidate out there did not do the Republicans and he favors and I hope they just get rid of her. She is just an absolutely Terrible candidate weekend mash up on 93 Tell you why PC thistles. What's happening? Corona virus has gotten worse. Governor Holcomb has a new plan for how to deal with it. Beginning this weekend, there will be no more stage 5 5156 new positive cases, frequent updates so, But 19 of the top and bottom of the hour also have a record number of patients in our intention, period number spiking back up across the country. Have the vaccine..

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