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Comedy Action shooting puts on a cowardly action scene We put on a new our theme. All your required is your Is your reasonably attractive looking for door and your two inch gun. You're good to go and Uh, you would We have seven stages. Seven rounds per stage. That's 49 rounds for the whole day, and every single stage would require a separate reloading tool. The events of this is that it did make a difference. And you shooting five shotguns and six shotguns. You we're gonna have to reload on We were just looking for an excuse to maintain and retain all the tricks. The officers from the twenties to the seventies had developed Loading, reloading and manipulating over So that it wouldn't dissipate. So if anybody in the future had a question, it wouldn't have been lost to the sands of time. Um and I managed because I've been I've been Teaching for about 25 years when I passed the word out, uh, her friends and and and victims alike. We ended up with several 100 guys from several 100 guys multiples of that. And currently, and I could get away with saying this way. Have we have members in Europe? We have members in Australia. We have members in Canada even have a couple of members in the United States. No way are truly international. It's called I'm with Roscoe, who people look it up. It's I'm with Roscoe dot com. So first question is, what constitute? What's the barrel length requirement for it To be short barrel? Will my three inch barrel 6 86 work? Doesn't have to be to us. I'm gonna take it from the other direction. And then I'll tell you why. In half a second it the only requirement we have is when you come down to shoot. It has to be either a 38 or 32. On If you have a 3 57, you're welcome to shoot it. As long as you're shooting 38, you're responsible for your own reloading tools. If you're required to bring a dumb pouch, Luke carriers, two by two by two pouch still poach a second snub, which is also one of our stages on the speed line. Um, the a sport as.

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