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Like look like a genius here right now and say I'm here to tell you. Unfortunately. I can't do that. I think she was probably wise. She knew it was Tuesday or she happened to look at a calendar Tuesday and a jog your memory and she's like well. I can't give him too much information or conveniently. I will get a reply at five am tomorrow morning. I want to say. I, WANNA say right along with John One hundred percent that if medicine may is gone, and it was postponed, and then summarily shot, and the Jack Daniels shot today, how on Earth Can the American royal take place knowing that the open on a mediocre year is GonNa pull in four hundred teams or four hundred fifty teams, and that doesn't count the invitational side. Side, which is gonNa take maybe a third of those teams and compete on Saturday before the open comes and everybody else piles in to the openside on Sunday where you're going to see four, hundred or five hundred and some years, Doug was at six hundred teams or six hundred fifty teams or something like that approaching Houston livestock and Rodeo type stuff, right? Or yeah six hundred seventeen one of years. Yeah I, mean, can you? Can you imagine if that were I? Mean it certainly not going to happen? They've been hurting for attendance because they've been jockeying around with the dates here over the last couple of years, also the venues over the last couple of years. So I WANNA, be right there with John and say one hundred percent. There's just no way that makes sense that this would happen. However. I'M GONNA go with fifty fifty. I think there's fifty percents that no matter what. The American. Royal is going to push through, so they can be the event that happened this year with everything else. Getting wiped out. Jack's wiped out Memphis obeys wiped out any I mean I was just talking to Rusty Monson a in the first hour, and he said two or three in the Rocky Mountain, Barbecue Association were canceled. Just today I mean they're falling like flies. I think they WANNA. Be. The one that is standing tall amongst everything else tapped I could be totally wrong, but I think we are fifty fifty, so go ahead and mark me down for a fifty percent chance, Doug, go ahead. I have actually heard because the Houston Rodeo barbecue event went down because that was before covered right a couple of weeks before. But because someone got sick after the Houston Rodeo, the two or three people the barbecue vent. They shut down the Rodeo during the Houston Rodeo Rio. They had stars lined up for the Wednesday. Thursday Friday Saturday the finals and stuff they shut it down because people became sick after the Houston, Rodeo Barbecue contest and four or five people, so and I've also heard. They're considering possibly inside information. No names plays not having it next year already, the Houston livestock and Rodeo. Yes. WOW, already! That's many months at a dance and the barbecue. Yeah Wow all right well. Breaking, News. Right here..

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