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When you ran spin right on level one and jet which is only a read pass it immediately detected woke we got some problems here reading just passively reading these sectors and so what it then did when you ran it on level two was it when it found problems reading it then did recovery and rewrites which strengthened essentially recharged those little capacitors on the ssd and maybe then the controller relocated physically again used its dr leveling too which is trying to level where the rights occur it may then when spin right rewrote those those troubled sectors it would physically moved them but when you're only reading that's not considered a destructive process but it is unfortunately one whereafter time you can start having significant problems and as we know something slowing down is a good early sign of of reading requiring more time which is a clue that it's probably a good time to run spin right so and as for smart not being very smart it is the case that not all drives choose to publish what they're doing publicly this is one of the biggest annoyances of hard drives is that there there's no way to force a manufacturer's behavior back in the day compaq was able to and did force that so much marketing strength that they were able to force hard drive manufacturers to publish what was going on behind the scenes otherwise compaq would not purchase their drives so they forced this to.

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