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Sagging skin and brittle bones and wornout heart you'll die young and beautiful as you are now but you'll die all the same have warned that death takes it won't be gentle that's actor mary ann rogers in a rehearsal for a show called ageless her character is the only person who refuses to take this anti aging pill so we see her character played by three different women in their twenties 50s and '70s while the rest of the characters including her mother stay the same age yeah and ageless its world premiere produced by this company from san francisco call quantum dragon theater with its roots in both sifi and fantasy the play right bridget dutta portman lives in the bay area as she says quantum dragon theme a really gave her a chance to explore a new genre for her this is her first place set in the future and you know it's classic speculative fiction and that it's really about holding up a mirror to our own society looking at our own aversion to death into dying yen ageless runs december first through the ninth at the phoenix theater in san francisco and here's a singer now i've just discovered though i'm probably later this morning at nine down so why ain't gonna that's lilley hired song trinity lane from her new album and this is very much a rock and roll album with the country twang and she's written a bunch of terrific songs for this album about what it means to be not giving in to self destructive impulses whether lover drinker depraved on giving into those and i i hear a lot more give deserve alcohol soaked road trip around the country and she keeps mentioning these other musicians who have been down this road she names neil young david bowie and bruce springsteen i feel like she's she's playing them on her car stereo and she screaming back at that may be i mean her own is is a great singersongwriter john hyatt so that might be part of it lillee high it plays sweet watering no valley on monday december fourth and then she said the independent on tuesday bo show's opening for blitz in trapper now here's a group that should need noah truck.

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