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Is a precursor to fanatics and ed the basis of languages speak for example. When you're learning animal sound in anonymous movement at the same time you're actually using two parts of the Brain Emerald tediously which is already a key marker of Early Childhood Brain Development through the you know so those those things are like shapes and colors are not just for nothing. I mean learning colors. Oxygen Roles learning shapes is pre mathematical thinking. So there's a lot of sort of underneath the fun. There's jam packed with education. Thanks for sharing that because that that that was really phenomenally done by the way. I'm I wish I had kids. I could sign up. My kids are too old now. But maybe grandkids coming so you really didn't start franchising till five years ago or so if I if I've got my time line right and now you have twenty two locations already nine states something like that. What's which is seems phenomenal. So congratulations on that. What what's been What's been the secret I guess? Or maybe it's not a secret but what's been the strategy to do that. And where where are you going from here? This strategy is listening as you expand. Meaning were not wheat. We don't pretend to do everything we've been learning as we go. Our owners have really stayed has been there from the beginning of these that were the first owner have helped away forum. You know policy that now franchise owners who come into the system later benefit from so if this is the ideal time to buy this franchise because we're not so big that the CO founders and disappear. Which often happens. In hundred plus franchise concepts. And we're not so well that we still making the states. I think you really where we've learned so much. And we really have it. Buttoned up in the strategy to to growl is really listening. Also one thing we've learned I think most franchisers the same or a hope. They would say the same as that. Of course you've got to be everywhere. We went every child in every community across country experiences around. But we're also don't want to dot the Dotting brand everywhere. We wanted to work so we really just want to work with people. Who are we think will be successful and are interested author? There are certain things you can each. You can teach financial metrics class density. You know what makes an owner not believe money in profitable but hit each other things like getting up in the morning and having a passionate the drive to build your business right so I think marketing savvy is a huge thing for this business understanding where parents are how to talk to them had a mark.

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