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Yeah. All right P, Mitzi shore. When the lose ralphie may. Is that one too? Is that a different forget three twenty five festival thought on. That was good with my emerge talking about festivals bonnaroo and Coachella and Bernie man, Nick capital back on to a real podcast. I fucked up terrible interviewer where to next meal role. Pots fag abondoned Rolf Potts who's now because he said because it's been influenced by the way did mushrooms comedy mushrooms, the first time life, that's a win this year is I don't know when you can look it up at troop. Oh, look it up right now. Pause on pause. All you gotta do come on. What do you mean? Sh impressed primer. Just go. Just Google shrimp. Rest primer, you'll find twenty eighteen twenty June fifteenth sixteenth and or seventeenth wait. No fucking way. Is that where am I doing? Fifteenth sixteenth seventeenth. What's going on? It's bonnaroo. Bonnaroo overlaps with shoot fast. To him. I was going to schedule a road date that that week. Guys, if you're at all considering going to bonnaroo the Saturday and Sunday. And monday. But if you're going to do it at bonnaroo is a great time to do mushrooms. Wow. What a blessing what I'm gonna start using. We're blessing more. I don't mean. It's being God. I mean, it's a mean like lucky how lucky not blessing sounds better. But it also sounds like fucking Jesus. He right come to terms with that and figure it out. Okay. Wait. Where was I? Okay. So Rolf Potts. We just talked about we wanna go with the next places. We wanna go. We just opened up a fuck in. Atlas an old atlas with a lot of countries aren't even around anymore and new ones that are that weren't there. And we just talked about where you wanna go regions. It was fun. That guy's real traveller. If you like my travel podcast, you wanna listen to three twenty nine where.

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