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Twenty. Fourth? Lauren Murphy on the program she fights Saturday UFC two, fifty, four and real quick. I know feel. Kinda. Like nostalgic today. anyways, when I first got into this animate thing, I was doing radio but I've really enjoyed interviewing the fighters. So it's like an ice like how many how, how many Justin Bieber intros can I talk over and and have fun with like really like how many times can do that? So I interviewed fighters did the show did And Lorne was one of the first anime interviews that I had is probably five six years ago maybe longer and I remember that I interviewed because her story is really incredible. The things that she's had overcome to get to where she's at now and it was just one of those conversations that has always stuck with me over the years and I remember I would have. Some young up and coming reporters and journalists reach out to me saying I'm trying to start a podcast like trying to get fighters like who should I get out I would always say get Lauren on because she's such good interview and she just tells it like it is whenever I'd podcasts or things of that nature I try to get on for everything whether it'd be fight picks or Just. Shooting the breeze ago whatever. Because, she always delivered and to see her kind of go through the beginning stages of a UFC career. She got the big fat hose job on a couple of decisions early on in her career. She would win some lose some. Then, she would drop down to twenty five and to see her make these changes and get her career back on track getting very close to a to a UFC title shot I gotta say it's been pretty cool to watch. Glad to get her on the show this week for the first time as we move ahead to our final guests. He's back on the program. He's back on file and after his dominant win over. Tang. Hailee a couple of weeks ago. He fights nathaniel would in a potential show stealer at a catch weight of one hundred, forty pounds this Saturday at of two fifty four. Let us head back to Abu Dhabi back to fight island. Say Hello to Casey Kenny..

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